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  1. Thanks ...that was enlightening.
  2. Well !!! I got it wrong.....what i was trying to do was upload an executable that executes and connects back to me. But the info for upexec/reverse_tcp payload says "Connect back to the attacker, Uploads an executable and runs it". I think the payload itself tries to connect back to the LHOST. I tried in on my Virtual Machine and it isn't working, i got stuck at the same place as you did. Have tried running exploit in job's context still no advancement. Let me know, if you find something.
  3. Well !! for the upexec reverse payload the exe and handler you executed listening on same port. Maybe you can try by setting the InitialAutoRunScript to migrate.rb. Also you can set the TARGET OS rather than going for Automatic detection. hope it helps
  4. Very well explained....I had this problem earlier and when I checked the ownership there was a SID that probably belonged to earlier Windows Installation. Taking up the ownership solved the problem.
  5. Has anyone tried the torrent client named "Tribler" ???
  6. My results : 100% Kubuntu 100% ubuntu 100% debian 95% Linux Mint 90% Xandros Well, pretty accurate. I am a newbie and i have tried above all but Xandros, gonna try it soon.
  7. Well , I am starting to use Ubuntu most of my time, lately than Windows (am a newbie) and am fascinated to how much fun is it to learn in Linux....Man documentation is superb and forums like this one are helping me to grasp a lot. So Cheers to Linux
  8. yea sorry. it was just a spur-of-the-moment thing. not an issue.....i see you were asking for the windows platform.
  9. hmmm......i am gonna have to check scanrand and unicorn. Thanks for the information here
  10. Isn't "Nmap" missing from the list ???
  11. I found it via Irongeek's website....Thank you for putting it there. This was the type of forum i was looking for......great place for newbies to learn
  12. For Password Cracking , you can try the GPU based brute-forcing (offline). I have used the CUDA Multiforcer, See here
  13. Yeah!! this is the software ....i have used it but not for anything illegal, was curious "Did it really works??". You just have to switch on the Bluetooth of other person and the "Super Bluetooth Hack" does the rest.
  14. Hello Vivek !!! I started learning about metasploit few months back, i usually read it in the security related books and metasploit-unleashed tutorial. But the problem was that it all got cluttered, But your videos are very strong concept-wise and go in detail to explain what all there is in metasploit....Great work !!!
  15. Well !! I had a similar problem too....this is how it worked for me.When you start the msfconole issue commands in this order msf > db_driver sqlite3 [*] Using database driver sqlite3 msf >db_import_nmap_xml c:\frameworks\jaimi.xml I see that you are using the windows ( C:\frameworks\jaimi.xml). But i am working on Linux, so let me know if this helped you.