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  1. Take a look through here for some ideas and tips. Moved to NubieHQ
  2. The Windows Feedback Program is no longer giving out free software. Microsoft lists on the WFP site what information they collect. You get physically mailed the software upon completion of the program.
  3. That was hard to read so I don't know if everybody can even fully understand your question. If you know your username, you can reset it using that Of course, hopefully you know it was one of several emails, because they will send you a confirmation email that will have a link to let you change your password most likely. If you used a disposable email and can't remember what it is, you could try a shot in the dark by trying to get access from their tech support, but other you are probably SOL and have learned don't use disposable emails when signing up for an account you actually want to keep. In the case you are trying to access someone else's private account, thats not going to happen.
  4. // Random Conversation Bot #include <iostream> // #include <string> ( using namespace std; int main(); // like he said, you dont want a ; here { string In_1; string In_2; cout << "Are you gay?\n"; cin >> In_1; if In_1 == "yes"; cout << "HAHAHA!!! Your Gay.\n"; if In_1 == "no" cout << "Does your mamma know your gay?\n"; cin >> In_2; // this line and below is going to happen no matter what unless you add a { after your second if if In_2 == "yes"; cout << "HAHAHA!!! Your Gay.\n"; if In_2 == "no"; //use else if, no point in checking a second time ( cout << "HAHAHA!!! Your Gay.\n"; // you dont handle if its not one of the two above cases getchar(); return 0; //this program is, like any other childish name calling, lame. You probably really could get more help if you didnt talk like a 5th grader. }
  5. Where to start... 1. Read the forum rules. 2. While you have a very sad story, we can't help you, you need to file a police report. 3. Even if the story is true, and you have good reason to want access, hacking a system you do not own nor have been given rights to access is illegal, and hence neither your request nor any such discussion will be allowed here.
  6. Yes, I remember a while ago they did in fact sell cell phones that had one button, a "911" button and that was it. However now they do not make such things AFAIK. Instead, buy a prepaid phone, such as a TracFone. You can pick one up for under $30, and then just keep it charged and use it to call 911 if you ever need it. (You do not have to pay to keep the service active, the phone will still be able to call 911)
  7. About when The Matrix Reloaded came out, they came out with the Samsung SPH-N270. This was pretty much just a promotional thing and you might have trouble finding one, and even if you do, whether or not you could get it activated on Sprint is another question. By "brick" phones, you would be talking about analog service, and so the short answer is no, no carrier will activate analog service for you anymore (besides, analog service will likely cease within the next year, scheduled for Feb 18, 2008). I suggest reading this for a quick history and links to other articles.
  8. That book appears to be more a first level CS course textbook, that uses Python instead of say C or Java. This may still be helpful to you, but if you already have some programming experience, the depth may not be enough. I have researched a bit and it appears Learning Python is a bit more of a introduction to python for someone with knowledge of the fundamentals already.
  9. Huh? There are lots of good results in that search. The first link is a tutorial written by the creator of Python!, which I would hardly consider a 'partial tutorial'. If you want a physical book, I would say there is a very good chance you would be able to find one at your local library branch, or asking your local librarian about ILL. O'Reilly produces several books on the topic you may want to check out. Threads can only be closed by Moderators, Developers, and Admins. We will generally leave threads open for future posting unless it violates the forum rules.
  10. Well, you already paid for the service? I guess then the issue would be more 1. Does the service work? and 2. Are you getting charged for (on your credit card) only what you agreed to pay? There isn't a lot you could do now if it turns out to be a "scam" other than get the charges reversed. Relakks has gotten a lot of publicity recently, and might be another option to try.
  11. Since you are new new new beginner maybe you should browse around a bit and learn something more basic, and not illegal. Like all other times, you will only learn anything but going out and doing work on your own, not just asking for solutions (and illegal activities will not be discussed here!) No, DDP is not new and this is also not a new forum (you can find posts all the way from the beginning)
  12. Moved to NubieHQ. What could you have said that is so incriminating? Just take this as a lesson in thinking before you talk, whether in be IRL or online.
  13. Don't make multiple threads.
  14. No. Read these! Thanks for the drive-by.
  15. Moved to NubieHQ. Read the rules If I fully understand what you are asking, it is how to stop someone else's listing showing up for the duration of the auction, and then re-show it at the last second so you can be the only one to bid on it and win it for a very low price. You cannot modify someone else's auction, you cannot access Ebay's database and stop it from showing, and you do not 'really need' to know this info.