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  2. Googles offering $20K to the first researcher to successfully exploit its browser @ this years Pwn2Own hacking contest. Aparently it's the biggest reward ever offered for this anual event. Also the first ones to hack Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari will receive $15K and the machine running the browser they hacked. The prizes are $5,000 more than those given at the last Pwn2Own and three times more than the 2009 awards. HPTippingPoint’s 5th annual Pwn2Own contest will be held March 9th-11th in Vancouver Further reading:
  3. Welcome to the internet. LOL
  4. I had to give up on the files when my friend left back for home but before he left i checked a few more things. i checked both of their properties (See attached photo) and noticed that they have no data. From there i tried deleting them using the standard delete all the way to using Hirens boot CD (Knoppix finished downloading after he left)and yet nothing could delete them. I even used features on HBCD to change permissions and all that good stuff, but with other functions it always said the two files were not there. so i preceded to just wipe the rest of the Windows.Old from his computer because he said he didnt care and to just leave them there. Also the reason it's windows.old is because it's freakin vista and he got hit by a virus that targeted his system 32 files and the like. And vista, as most people know has a horrible repair mode on their useless recovery disk. It cant ever detect what the problem is, so you just have to re-install the whole damn system. Anyway, thanks for the help. Edit: Dammit, i just noticed i misspelled the title of the thread.
  5. I'm working on a friends computer and found a couple of odd files (screen cap attached). what are they and why cant i delete them?
  6. No matter what, things are almost never used in the way they are intended. Ex: the internet prescription meds phones & phone systems etc...
  7. I just read through this article and would like to hear what everyone here thinks of this. They say that the id's are optional and that anonymity on the net will still be protected but it still seems like the beginning of something much bigger.
  8. Thanks for tha links, finally find a site with my towns freqs and i'm moving. LOL.
  9. So i'm packing a few thing as i get ready to move and stumbled onto, as the title says a Uniden Bearcat BC-100 XLT (attached pics). The battery cant hold a charge but works fine with the charger. Anyway, I know it's old (older than me) but i was wondering if there was anything i could do to/with it.
  10. Hello