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  1. Looks awesome!! cant wait!
  2. Did you read the full article I linked you to? ugh no i didn't haha sorry i was in a rush. what do you think of the so called new target of facebook? i guess it might be a rogue branch off of the normal anon group.
  3. November 5th baby!

  4. http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/08/09/hacking-group-anonymous-plans-to-kill-facebook-on-nov-5/?test=latestnews http://www.scmagazineuk.com/anonymous-says-it-will-kill-facebook-on-5th-november/article/209379/ BEST ONE!!-----> http://gizmodo.com/5829353/anonymous-to-destroy-facebook-on-november-5th Here is the news article on the new post by Anonymous. They want to take out Facebook on November 5th.. This would be very difficult due to the massive server size that they have.. Remember when anonymous attempted to take out Amazon.com? ya, that didn't work out so well because they have massive server space. In order for this to happen it would take many people working in conjunction. It is very good that they set a date this early in advance so that all members know and just take initiative and do it. My question is: what are the negatives and positives of Facebook.. I see it good for communication with family and friends and for the spread of world news..but i believe that all the advertisements and little zynga games have taken over that positive note. In case you don't know.. Electronic Arts is contracting Facebook to put a web based version of their big titles on Facebook with in the next year or so.. HTML5 has made this possible. I see everyday that people plan their lives around Facebook and just checking crap on it and posting every little aspect of their lives on Facebook.. i also am noticing a sick disorder with a lot of my friends who have Facebook accounts. They create this alternate personality through Facebook. It starts out with just some little posts here and their to get attention then they themselves start changing.. and not for the better. They seem to feel that they have to be someone that they aren't. Point in case.. i have one friend who (over the past year) went from a nice quiet guy, then to a bit of a party animal, then into drugs and lying about money he makes (saying he is rich to people and trying to prove it by blowing all his money on expensive crap). and all these little things that he thinks are to "rock star" he posts on Facebook. He literally spends all of his free time on Facebook filling his friends and families heads with lies. I am calling this "The Facebook Disorder". I don't know.. i guess Facebook can be good in small aspects but for the most part.. Its killing society and who we are.. not privacy.. we might as well all be on the show "the Big Brother"(you know that show where there are 12 people that all live in a house filled with night vision cameras, HD cameras, and microphones). I want rid of this cancer called Facebook personally. mark zuckerberg made his billions so he should be happy..why more? If you have any insight or thoughts of your own then please tell me. i would like other aspects than my own and i am also just curious on what it would take to bring down a website like facebook..Hypothetically of course
  5. omg beautiful post! That is what i am looking for... we are all anonymous here..we should start our one chapter!
  6. Ok, here is the deal.. i have had some ppl try to get me into Anonymous. I want to know everything about them. I am sure there are a few ppl here that can give me knowledge and direction on this.. ya heard something about a firesale as well.. Sincerely, </Sk3l1t0r>
  7. Learning about Anonymous

  8. "What they are trying to do makes perfect sense. " No, the force known as anonymous is being used. today's anonymous is not Anon V2000. anonV2010 is not right in its collective mind. [/political flame war here/] <sk3l1t0r> I really love this group! they bring everything i have ever felt to light.. where do i sign up!! </sk3l1t0r>
  9. Just curious is all.. i think it would be fun to do it on my wifi. how would i jam up my wifi connection remotely from my laptop? my network is usable by guests but my admin requires a password. Hopefully this is possible.. i would thinking a DDOS attack but i dont think that would work. any thoughts welcomed.
  10. I heard recently that the MythBusters show on RFID chips got banned. Im guessing thats because they are easily exploited. Just seeing if anyone has any knowledge on the topic and I'm curious of hearing of anything that anyone knows about the topic.
  11. intense..but im not too worried. i just get paranoid for no reason every now and then lol. Going mobile then.. anyone know where i should start? i have a laptop and a netbook so i guess all i would need is an antenna to pick up wifi? and a program to help me do some wifi sniffing. ugh not too good with wifi.. never really messed with it..i suppose i could do it in my car. any one have any suggestions on hardware, software, techniques on going mobile with my computers?
  12. *raises hand* ditto. Basically is sucks... really really sucks. I got caught cracking phreak codes back in the 80's... They knock once, then force the door open. After that, they look around and when they see a computer, that's where they stay. Then your computer and anything plugged into it, or remotely looks like it could be plugged into it, leaves with them. Also if you cuss at them, two of them will pick you up and body slam you down on the couch. I was 16. Lesson learned: Never hack from the house. dang that sucks! i guess the only way would be to go mobile...
  13. Hey, just kinda currious if anyone knows of any stories of house raids on hackers and why they would get raided. i know of the Kevin Mitnick but thats pretty much. I would just like to read some stories on this crap and if it has ever happened to any of you.
  14. Hello all, I know its important to stay anonymous whenever your online doing..whatever. I just want to discuss different ways to keep your identity hidden and lets say you might theoretically need to cover some tracks that you have made as well. First off, i'm pretty new to programming and binrev itself but i have been doing as much research as possible. I found that http://www.the-cloak.com/anonymous-surfing-home.html can hide your IP for free while you surf the web but i am unsure of how exactly this is done, it also is only good i think for an hour or so then you have to wait 6 hours before you can use it again... and im not paying for any service. I also disable alot of the web options in my tools tab on my browser (i.e. store history box, usage statistics to google, prefetching to load web pages, my location, bookmarks, auto fill, and everything on the share tab) i also delete everything in my browsing history (temp files, form data, etc..) but i know this is all basic stuff to do. I'm not too sure what i would need to do to be able to use proxies or even better proxy chain, so any discussion on this would be great insight to me. http://www.anonymizer.com/ would be great if you didnt have to pay..paying also leads a paper trail right to you if FEDS look through your bank account. http://www.inetprivacy.com/a4proxy/index.htm looks ok as well but once agian these vampires want MONEY! i dont know much about them anyway so i will have to come back to this and investigate. website is put together poorly and looks pretty vulnerable..hhmm might have to play around here actually..but later. http://mute-net.sourceforge.net/quickStartGuide.php looks like a good file sharing site to go through but im not too sure if having my computer as a node linked with thousands of others is such a good idea..im not too sure but sounds like i could get compromised. but they also do teach you the technical and legal aspect of what they are about. I love that they have a similar concept as Shawn Fanning except that they covered their tails. As for covering tracks..i really have no idea. I just want to start a theory on what others would do. ok scenario: You are on a website and you just happen to be able to bruteforce your way in through the front door maybe by SQL injections or social engineering. So now your in and lets say its a retail site that sells downloadable software. Now that you control it you change prices to the software to make them free to download as soon as you press the button. You ofcourse dont download anything...at first anyway. whats done is done and you get out. how exactly would you cover your tracks so that you wouldnt get into any trouble later on for this? sorry if this was pretty bland but i really dont feel like typing out everyhing i would do to get into a web page and all the technicalities of this, like i said this is all theory... and plus.. thats alot of typing and i dont think you want to read that much nor do i want to type that much on the forum. also sorry if my knowledge isnt great, im new still. Alright please type anything you have to say on these subject.