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  1. Not to double post but I'm still struggling with this and it was an expensive adapter
  2. Hi all, DeAuthThis is a tech show I started just 4/5 months ago, I release about one episode each month and have been striving to make the show better. It's general tech, most is more up to date stuff like xbox 360 mods and such, although once I get into the summer I'll go into a bit of phone phreaking and induction based phone taps... Anyway please let me know what you think of the show, btw, If your a fan of John Draper I managed to interview him in Episode. 3 Expect to see another interview with someone in a week or two.. not giving names tho.
  3. Loved to show, it keeps getting better, keep up the great work. A one of a kind show for sure.
  4. Sorry to dig up an old thread but has anyone gotten carwhisperer to work? Can I use any old bluetooth device? I went ahead and bought a D-Link DBT-120 (hopefully it'll be use to me) I've tried bluebugger, bluesnarfer, bluesmash, and I'll soon try carwisperer although bt3-4 has that one setup wrong so...