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  1. I ran across this offer for free web service for three years. Offer expires Jan 22. I am not sure if it is virtual hosting or ip, I am checking it out right now. hitman https://order.1and1.com
  2. *Only 2 weeks left to register and save with advance pricing** Register by January 19, 2004 with Priority Code: E-GENE to receive a complimentary Exhibit Hall Pass. Or, register for the conference package of your choice and save with advance pricing currently available. http://www.linuxworldexpo.com/linuxworldny...ex.cvn?ID=10128
  3. I was doing my monthly reinstalled of xp when I backed up my data to my redhat server, well it was too much for the drive IBM Deskstar 37GP (DPTA-373420) and the drive board burnt out after i copied all the data. I was wondering if anyone had a spare IBM Deskstar 37GP drive or board I could borrow to snag my data.
  4. http://www.dmine.com/phworld/sounds/misc/mamamf.ram This made me smile. Chris
  5. It sucks that they don't just have the bin's. I think that you can run the Iflash BIOS [EA-P11.EXE] from a bootable floppy. I am not running windows, so I can't help.
  6. I think it is a Intel board (INTEL FEDORA MOTHERBOARD PENTIUM 3 SOCKET 370) customized for gateway, if you are feeling lucky you could try flashing the Intel bios. http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df...nt&submit=Go%21
  7. The gateway logo is part of the bios boot up. There might be a start up option to do a silent or quick boot. Other than that you would have to flash or replace the bios with the appropriate version.
  8. I use PowerDNS to handle the dns of my websites. You can make changes on the fly if your hosting provider goes down. It allows your to point to an ip or http address. Best of all it is free. http://express.powerdns.com/ hitman
  9. Most companies pay people to install wireless, but don't pay anyone to maintain it. So they end up paying some joe smoe to plug in stuff and leave. There are a lot of business networks in my area that are free and open.
  10. Some observations: As I drive around The OC, I discovered that 90% of the wireless networks are still in their default factory mode. That means the user has not changed the password or enabled WEP or blocked outside mac addresses. So I thought that it would be fun to put together a list of the default passwords for several home WiFi stations. Product SSID Web Management smc default login: password: microsoft login: password: admin netgear netgear http:// login: admin password: password linksys linksys http:// login: password: admin Note: The information is generic and may not be applicable to all makes and models. Please feel free to add to the list. The best places I found to look for wifi is around industrial areas, schools and extended stay hotels. Peace, hitman
  11. A tip: You might need to record the mini cds at a slower speed than a normal cd. I messed up a lot before I figured that one out. hitman