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  1. Just got my first android. Haven't really gotten under the hood but so far it's a blast. and @10nix: T-mobile 'droid phones are GSM I'm fairly certain, it's what they use. I was told when I bought mine that it was, I think Cingular might use GSM network as well.
  2. So I recently decided it was time to join the 21st century and get myself an android. They had a decent sale on. The problem is my old phone wasn't worth anything to them and I'm not about to throw away something that has some potential to it. It's a Motorola motoROKR E8. Technically listed as a smartphone, 320x240 2.0in screen with 256 colors, 2 gigs internal memory, two more in an old micro-SD card I had laying around, 2MP camera (absolutely terrible lighting on it though, I think it has issues with IR filtering on the photodiodes because it washes color terribly). Runs the linux-based motorola proprietary OS. Specs don't state processor or speed. My first thought was to use it as a portable video/MP3 player, kind of a poor man's iPod. It won't run those functions without a SIM card in it without some hacking though, I haven't looked into it too much yet. As to my experience, I have some experience in programming and some in device hacking, a fair amount of experience in working with circuitry but I'd call myself just shy of advanced (I haven't worked much with microcontrollers but I know my way around ICs and I've done surface-mount), so I'm looking for a project somewhere in that range. So what the heck should I do with it? I love the little bugger and it served me well and I know there's a ton of potential under that sleek black case.