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  1. So even if I do find the program, would you think the Nokia 5150 freeze minutes trick will work anymore? I hope not, Cause I've had like 5 of these tricked out tracfones working in the past few years, but then forgot about it for a year till i found another 5150 in the trash! :blowfuse:
  2. I don't know about you guys, But I still use my beige box... Maybe I'm just dumb and old fashioned
  3. Anyone have a copy of the Nokia-tdma-service-full from like 2 or 3 years ago? It seems like it dropped off the edge of the internet! turmoilturmoilturmoil (at) yahoo (dot) com
  4. Just don't talk about that shit, and your going off topic
  5. He's not looking for warez, just looking for mod's to the game. Like a character editor, or a program to show the whole map. Edit: Damn you bland for being one minute faster then me
  6. www.flashkit.com
  7. I had them on my cell phone's voice notes for a while but they were low quality and not loud enough. Also just burn a CD with like 50 tracks of the tones and put it in your CD collection for when you find that one special phone. Damn alot of people from 508 are popin up
  8. Holy shit! I know you! What a small world, I'll talk to you in school.
  9. ^Me^
  10. 5 seconds on google brings you the roof trampoline
  11. Good idea about the paper clip and lighter, hope you had something around the end of it so you didn't get burned. You should get a soldering iron though, their only like 10 bucks. But don't worry your not the only one using ghettoness to hook up sound systems. Last time I got bored I hook two 10 inch subs under my bed with only alligator clips and wire I found. So now the count is 7 speakers and 2 subs connected to my computer in some way shape or forum... please help me I'm addicted to speakers.
  12. Anyone up for it right now? If so I'm there
  13. I'm Down
  14. Whenever I make backups of my dvds I use SmartRipper, DVD2AVI, TMPGEnc and a dumbed down version of this step by step.
  15. Nope, Wasn't me, I'm just some random internet guy that writes show notes.