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  1. I have started to put together a project that will be used in my workplace to check for rogue access points and or try to penetrate our network. The plan is to take a remote control hummer, install a router (WRT54G) with extended antennas, install a network camera, install a netbook (MSI Wind) with BT4 installed (to hack the networks) and run it all over our network using my laptop. I have already started the project, I have installed the router in the hummer as well as given it a pretty killer camo paint job. Work has begun on trying to automate BT4 to grab ahold of a SSID and begin collecting packets to either be analyzed in the future or to go ahead and work on cracking them on board. Also, the hummer will need to email me lists of any access points that it finds/penetrates. Thoughts?
  2. 100% Fedora 100% Ubuntu 100% OpenSuse I live on Fedora most of the time, take care of a number of Ubuntu servers at work and have a few CentOS servers running my Nagios installs. Absolutely love the new Fedora release!