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  1. This is what happens when Ghost In The Shell meets inbreeding.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PuTTY
  3. No. You'll have to use pwdump (http://www.foofus.net/fizzgig/pwdump/) or ophcrack(http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/).
  4. There's no real need for any Visual Basic knowledge, it's just clunky in that special, corporate way. If you have to stick to Microsoft products, I'd recommend C#.
  5. For a really light Window Manager, I'd suggest ratpoison or FLWM or Fluxbox. A command-line Linux installation will run on almost anything.
  6. Every programming language that is easy for you to learn is a good starting place. And I'd like to accent the "starting" part.
  7. If there's anything I can suggest, then it's learning C rather than C#, as most exploits are written in C. (Perl is fine too) Knowing Assembly is a plus, since it deals with the nearly-lowest level programming, most payloads are written in it, then assembled and included in the exploit as machine code. For on-topic books go to: http://freecomputerbooks.com/
  8. I suggest learning how computer networks work before trying to mess with your school.
  9. It's a flash animation. (.swf)
  10. Add your own caption. (the font is fixedsys)
  11. I'd like to add here that BackTrack was meant to be used as a LiveCD and not for installation.
  12. That still doesn't make any sense. Seriously, stop pretending that you know what you're talking about and describe what you're doing in words you actually understand, otherwise we won't be able to communicate. (not to mention that if you're saying what I think you're saying, then it's the most ludicrous solution ever)
  13. What's the point of installing more than one anti-virus/firewall/whatever? No, because the point is not to install more than one of them. Are those serious questions? The answer is so painfully obvious: no, they would not work faster. After reading a bunch of your posts I come to a conclusion that you don't know anything about the subjects you're discussing and are trying to hide that by using tech-savvy sounding words. It doesn't work, and it makes you look like a fool. Stop it.
  14. If I got you right, then you just said you're going to study at ITT Tech. If that's the case then you are fucked and have been ripped off big time. http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/201/ripoff0201673.htm http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qi...13202302AAghtVW http://ittscam.com/
  15. OK, so first off, this sentence: Doesn't even make sense. You just don't get it don't you? Anyway, I suggest reading a book about TCP/IP and ASPX (if that's what you're trying to code your "solution" with). Oh, and no sane forum would allow for a code injection. (but honestly you can't even properly describe what you're doing)
  16. PhotoRec
  17. Either way you're going to have to set up the server that distributes the IP logging image.
  18. Nonsense. That's the most opaque logic I have seen this month.
  19. Which only shows that they're idiots. I have no idea what that has to do with logging someone's IP. You could just set up a web server to host the image signature and then just check the IPs in the log files.
  20. Evidence of this? Every time I see it brought up to them, they refuse to answer whether they have given any information up and most people assume that they have. There you go. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/d969a326-6226-11...?nclick_check=1 http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/20/technology/20google.html
  21. Repost. http://freecomputerbooks.com
  22. Actually Google shortened their cookies' lifecycle to less than a year last year and were the only search engine not to hand out search data to the Department of Homeland Security.
  23. Being a script kiddie is about the attidute. You don't want to learn anything and at the same time you claim to have superior knowledge and/or skills to other people.
  24. Of course not, the point of having "high" security is so that none of the things you describe happens. You can search for some exploitable bugs in PowerPoint though.
  25. OK, recently I've found a security hole in directsong's music downloads. You see, there was a free music pack, available to download from here: http://directsong.com/music_protected/Sorr...ce_Mini-Pak.exe (this is a downloader, actually) To check, which soundtracks you can get from that site, you just go to: directsong.com You can see, that they have TES IV Oblivion soundtrack etc., etc. If you click your way through, you'll have a pop-up window, where you can register to download the free soundtrack. Then, after you log in, you can see all tracks available: OB101 Oblivion Original Soundtrack - NEW! Now 320kbps! $9.99USD GWF101 Guild Wars Factions Original Soundtrack - New! 320kpbs $9.99USD MW101 Morrowind Special Edition Soundtrack $5.99USD GW103 Guild Wars Battle Pak One $5.99USD GW101 Guild Wars Special Edition Soundtrack $5.99USD DS2101 Dungeon Siege II Original Soundtrack - NEW! $9.99USD GW102m Sorrow's Furnace Mini-Pak FREE Now, let's go back to the free sountrack download link: http://directsong.com/music_protected/Sorr...ce_Mini-Pak.exe To download any of the soundtracks listed above, just place their name after http://directsong.com/music_protected/ and add ".exe", and you'll be able to download the downloader. So, for example, to save $9.99 USD, and have an Oblivion Original Soundtrack, you just go to: http://directsong.com/music_protected/Obli..._Soundtrack.exe The rest of the soundtracks are here: http://directsong.com/music_protected/Guil..._Soundtrack.exe - Guild Wars Factions Original Soundtrack - New! 320kpbs http://directsong.com/music_protected/Morr..._Soundtrack.exe - Morrowind Special Edition Soundtrack http://directsong.com/music_protected/Guil...tle_Pak_One.exe - Guild Wars Battle Pak One http://directsong.com/music_protected/Guil..._Soundtrack.exe - Guild Wars Special Edition Soundtrack http://directsong.com/music_protected/Dung..._Soundtrack.exe - Dungeon Siege II Original Soundtrack - NEW! I notified them about it, and they didn't respond to say, how many time they need to repair this issue, so I guess they just don't care... And BTW: the songs are protected by DRM, so I would be careful trying to play them. And here you have the software capable of converting DRM protected files into average non-protected files (mp3, OGG, MPEG etc.): http://www.tunebite.com/website/v2/en/home.php