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  1. Did you even bother to search for WiFi connection tutorials? Set the SSID of the router you're trying to connect to with iwconfig and run dhclient to get an IP address. (if IP addresses are static then you'll have to sniff for MAC addresses, change the MAC address of your wireless card and wait for someone to disconnect before you can connect)
  2. If you specifically don't want people to be able to sell the thing they construct using your schematics, licence it under Creative Commons with non-commercial option.
  3. What? English please. Screenshots aren't valid evidence. Yeah, you go see the video again and your comment should be there. EDIT: No. That's the whole point of deleting them.
  4. Could you possibly provide us with a picture of that device?
  5. What? How do you figure? You just need enough bandwidth for a remote desktop/shell session. Sure, if what you need is crappy video/audio quality with less colours. But if you want to work with DVD or HD movies in a reasonable way, then 100 Mb/s is going to be needed. Most VNC software has 100 Mb/s specified as the limit above which a remote desktop is almost indistinguishable from a local desktop. http://www.realvnc.com/support/faq.html#bandwidth
  6. Yes, you can set partition to bootable in fdisk. Marking the partition as bootable allows for an OS to be booted from it.
  7. We'll have to wait for majority of people to have a 100Mb/s connection to get one that is actually usable for anything serious.
  8. It cannot be reverted because it is already interpreted as code in whatever coding you're using. You can use tables like this one to see the numerical values of certain characters.
  9. So you don't have any evidence, nor do you feel like searching for it. Noted. Ad hominems. I am objective about learning, but learning is based on evidence - which you fail to provide. And if you don't care about proving your point, why do you argue for so long? You apparently were dropped too many times on your head as a toddler, that's why you can't follow simple requests. (don't think that only you can drop ad personams here) My absolute refusal to go to the library is because it's not my duty to prove you right. There, in bigger size fond so you can comprehend it. When will you understand that I won't go to the library, or waste my time, just because you say it proves me wrong? It doesn't, the articles there would prove YOU wrong. Now go, fetch, bring me those, I can wait. Or if you don't want to do that, don't order me to do the same thing. No, it doesn't account for anything, because there was no scientific rigor applied. Yeah, that's just you in your world of anecdotes and other people doing your job in proving themselves wrong. Well then don't claim that you're right. And for the love of God, stop using rhetorical tricks in a discussion. You're on a board for more-or-less, but smart people. We can see that from mile away. "I could prove that you're a child rapist, but I don't really bother since you will discard the evidence. But I won't let that stop me from claiming that." I can find books about how reptilians rule the world, the Queen of England being one of them, and also a baby-eater. You can have Encyclopedia Britannica in your sources and still write whatever nonsense comes to your mind and publish it as a book. Wooooo, spooky. Now I hope you can see the difference between a HERF gun - a device made out of another device, the only purpose of which is emitting as much energy as possible and a power line? Actually they did dispute it. Stop trying to pretend it didn't happen. and as I've pointed out, the field strength directly underneath HVP lines is equivalent to the field strength a few feet away from a lot of personal electronic equipment, as can be verified with a guassmeter. So... You haven't pointed anything out. Show me those measurements, then we can talk. And as for you last paragraph, I can only say that being unnecessarily wordy and verbose does not equal intelligence or add any humor to your jokes, and it doesn't make you right. Same can be said for your rhetoric.
  10. Hardly. I asked for scientific evidence. Not anecdotes. A clear message from aliens would be a sign that aliens exist. Cows giving birth to freak calfs is not, no matter how many moving lights you videotape. Or maybe they just prefer to stick to actual research? I don't think we understand each other, so I'll rephrase my previous statements. I don't want to go to the library. I won't go to the library. I'm not the one that cares about proving your point - you are. So cite me a valid source, give me concrete evidence and then we'll talk. Evolution is a proven scientific fact, global warming is happening right now as the Earth's climate warms up after the last ice age. None of those have anything to do with actual evidence - meaning research conducted by scientists - that I posted.
  11. You can't "decode" it, it's already "decoded". Read up on ASCII tables before you ask such questions.
  12. Care to quote any scientific paper? Because crappy analogies won't cut it. Funny how you like twisting words. Not all the dogs died from cancer. Eleven of ALL his dogs had cancer. Aside from the fact that we don't know how many dogs he had, there is no direct cancer-EMF link shown by any studies.
  13. Right. Because much lower emissions are somehow more dangerous. Care to show us a scientific paper? How does that prove any danger? Unless you count cool glowing-without-being-plugged-in effect as danger... Those are anecdotes. We are asking for evidence. You know what? I won't. Most people reading this won't. And actually it doesn't matter, because they don't have to, because you didn't provide any sufficient evidence to support this hypothesis (because it's far away from theory). First provide us with evidence that this might happen and then we'll talk about experiments. Why are you so afraid to shed any light on it then? Why not give us any links? I will tell you why. It's because even a few minutes of research proves you wrong. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnet...tion_and_health No, you're not, QED.
  14. Not if you're the creator of the original software. You can release a new version under a completely different licence, no previous licence can restrict that.
  15. Most, if not all home appliances are shielded, so the EM emissions are very low and don't pose any threat. (yes, being shielded and having EM emissions reduced is necessary to be approved for production) I'd also like aegion7 to cite a valid source that would confirm his home appliance EM radiation cancer theories.
  16. http://thewebsiteisdown.com/ Most people probably know about it, but I haven't seen it posted here yet.
  17. The hell?
  18. Well, if you have "ssh access" to it, it means you can input commands, so the statement "you can't peer into its files" doesn't make any sense in that context. You say you want to know which file is changed, but you don't mention what kind of change you're making on the iPod, so it's impossible to answer your question.
  19. This might be useful: http://extensions.joomla.org/component/opt...d,38/Itemid,35/
  20. There's no such thing as a "hacking program", the only thing that comes close is Phantom Access from the 80s. As for the tutorials, my signature has a link to a website with lots of books about almost every computer topic. Pick the one that interests you and read. Irongeek has a lot of tool tutorials at http://irongeek.com/.
  21. There is no per-port exploit list, there is per-program vulnerability list on bugtraq websites, like http://www.securityfocus.com/.
  22. You guys, check out MY room: Yeah, the chick is photoshopped for +10 social activity, but who cares?
  23. 640 Gb/s = 80 GB/s Get your units right.
  24. Probably zero, since emissions are close to zero in almost every piece of home electronics.
  25. I didn't say that swapping will do any harm. Thanks for correcting me. If you "close" a program, most operating systems will automaticly mark the memory it used as "free", that is, it will no longer be swapped because it won't be taking any space.