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  1. I think the sound was caused by one of the hard drives in my computer. Whenever I accessed files on a certain partition on said drives, those sounds would appear (after a while of using, that is). As I stopped using that partition, the sound seems to have disappeared.
  2. Your post is childish and you should feel childish. Yes, but strange quirks like the system getting sluggish over time, no matter how tidy you want to keep it or programs that would just hang up all sum up to the general experience, (this is my experience with XP, by the way - I still see enough advantages of it to keep it, besides I'm too lazy) which is what Ohm has been describing. Which people exactly? Can you name them? I don't remember saying anything to the effect of Linux being the next incarnation of Jesus, nor do I remember any seasoned forum users doing that. Of course you're going to find a lot of innecessary or pretentious bitching, but that doesn't mean people can't not like Windows for absolutely legitimate reasons.
  3. I'd like to see you write a complete, modern OS that is "better" than Windows if it's so easy. Why reinvent the wheel? Take a look at servers - *NIXes are in the majority of server OSs because they're better at being server OSs. Also, your argument is flawed in the way that you assume I have to be a creator of certain type of product to be able to criticize it, which is pure nonsense. Film critics don't make movies, art criticism doesn't require you to draw better than Da Vinci. You're just trying to brush off my opinion. If that was the case, then 99% of the population would have to talk like encyclopedias. People have opinions, deal with it.
  4. You're missing the fact that it's much, much faster but the technology is still in early development. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_computer
  5. Sure, just let me have a deal with computer manufacturers that will make my OS the default OS in any computer they produce and I'm ready to go. Being better than Windows isn't exactly hard in any way, the fact that people got used to your product doesn't qualify it as good. PS No, I am not engaging in another OS discussion, I just wanted to point out the flaw in the quoted poster's logic. Use whatever you like.
  6. The short answer is quantum computers are a lot faster than normal computers, so it would be unfeasible to crack a cipher that could be used with such type of computer using its' slow relative. The long answer is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_computers
  7. I see you still don't get it. Hacking is not a finite book of ready solutions to be applied to a certain type of problem. It's constant innovation and search for a solution. You won't improve your knowledge of hacking by knowing more vulnerabilities to exploit just the same way you won't be a better architect if you stare at pieces of concrete for a very long time. Your question only shows that you're aiming way above your head at this moment and you're trying to learn something without learning the basic stuff behind it. You started the wrong way because your idea of hacking is wrong. Even if we continue to reply to every single question you ask, you won't learn anything because you started learning the wrong way and have the wrong attitude. Get your basic stuff straight first and then try to "infiltrate local networks by brute force". PS It wouldn't hurt to better know the terminology you're using.
  8. I thought other kids are mean? Not really. Until you get suspended, that is. But I thought the other kids are mean? I couldn't think of a better comment than the last sentence of your post.
  9. All I can say about this, and most of the "WEB IS THE OPERATING SYSTEM" "MEDIA REVOLUTION OF USER CREATED CONTENT" and "We dumb the interface down to fit your IQ and throw in some pastel colors so you retards don't soil your pants upon the first glance" ideas is hype hype hype hype hype hype hype. Seriously, I didn't think something as stupid as fashion would walk into the world of computers, but again, the Internet is still on it's intellectual knees after the Eternal September...
  10. No, DOS is no longer supplied with any system newer than Windows Me.
  11. For a manager of a computer lab you sure have limited access.
  12. I found a book by the name of "IBM PC Assembly language programming" by Peter Able very useful.
  13. That's what you get for following fads.
  14. What if they happened to place an exploit into the clipboard, such as a suspicious jpeg or the like which would cause a buffer overflow and remote execution on your machine as soon as it was pasted somewhere? The chances of this actually working are so slim that it's practically impossible for this type of attack to occur. Some check it some don't.
  15. Linux nowadays can be as user friendly as any other OS, it's just surrounded by myths about the constant need to use the console and other misconceptions.
  16. Ask the user for the password. You're still not giving us any useful information, so I'll just have blind guess: the issue is described in MS03-005 (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS03-005.mspx) and is fixed by installing SP2.
  17. Stealing fingerprints is quite easy. If you can snatch someone's glass, there is a chance they left a full fingerprint of one of their fingers. You can always just offer them something to drink or trick them into leaving their fingerprints otherwise. Here's a nice read for those who are interested: http://www.ccc.de/biometrie/fingerabdruck_...xml?language=en
  18. http://wiki.hak5.org/wiki/USB_Switchblade
  19. There's no single one-size-fits-all answer to your question, so unless you're going to be specific, noone will help you.
  20. Well, Google is only able to find what people place on the Internet, and I've never heard about people storing phone lists in this fashion (.txt file with one line - one phone number). The best you can hope for is searching for ""phone list" filetype:txt OR filetype:xml", it returns a couple of useful results, but, as I said, Google doesn't create content, it only indexes it, so unless someone has a very specific need to store phone numbers in the fashion you mentioned, it won't find them.
  21. Can't you just use a website like http://www.switchboard.com/ ?
  22. Yes it does. Just like someone who would buy healing magnets and whatnot. Sorry, but if you don't know how to use Google, don't buy a book about hacking. If typing in a few keywords and pressing Enter is too much of a mental challenge for you, you won't learn anything from the book. Difficult is a relative term. Usually if you know where to look, you will find what you're looking for. The general population is not hackers and shouldn't try to pretend they are by reading that book. Also, if they "don't care about this shit", how exactly do they plan to become computer-savvy? How do you plan to become good at something you do not care about? If I was buying a "SUPER INVESTORS SECRET, EARN MILLIONS IN MONTH" book, I'd surely expect people to call me an idiot, because that's exactly what I would be.
  23. Nobody? http://www.hereinreality.com/drop_outs.html The Albert Einstein myth appears on every feel-good website. Einstein didn't drop out of high school. He finished it faster than his peers, through tests. But even if he dropped out of high school, that doesn't really mean anything. Simply speaking, dropping out of high school doesn't increase your chances of being the next Einstein.
  24. The iPhone and the iPod are two completely different devices, so there's no use in showing me someone dumping the memory contents of the former one's partition. You might try this: http://people.csail.mit.edu/adonovan/hacks/ipod.html And just use dd to copy the contents of mounted partition into one file, but I don't promise that it will work.
  25. Apart from the fact that you're trying to scratch yourself behind the left ear with your right hand with the router setting changing malware, Java and HTML are totally unrelated to what you're trying to achieve. (that's not to mention you're aiming way above your level and don't have any idea about this whatsoever) I suggest you read up on spoofing and then come back.