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  1. And for Christ's sake, learn the difference between "you're" and "your", especially when you're offering a serious TV role position.
  2. With a compiler.
  3. Be aware that it's going to take lots and lots of time to get to know computer-related subjects. To get to know networks, you could read books like the Cisco CCNA guide or just search for some networking ebooks on the Internet. For vulnerability exploiting and a short overview of the techniques, you might want to check out Hacking: The Art Of Exploitation, although, keep that for when you know how Operating Systems work and how to program. Most of all, once you start reading on some subject and don't understand something, ask a precise question on the forums.
  4. By obtaining them. No, seriously, that question isn't even close to being specific enough to be answered. Usernames and passwords to what? How are you connected to the network? Do you know how LANs work? Do you understand how spoofing and encryption work? Do you understand how man-in-the-middle attacks work? Those are only a few of the fundamental concepts you have to learn to stop being a script kiddy (ie. "someone told me this program will get me passwords but it doesn't") and really understand what you're doing. Otherwise you're just hoping on pure luck and that's absolutely not what hacking is about.
  5. Have you checked if your router doesn't block ICMP replies?
  6. Does every traceroute you run look like that?
  7. What the hell are you rambling about? Type coherent sentences for fuck's sake. Apple didn't invent non-printer output. Apple invented none of those. Great. Remember to take your meds and stay away from traffic.
  8. FTP is a protocol. There is no need to "hack" it, since, by default, everything is transmitted in plaintext. You don't give us enough information to tell. It could really be anything, from breaking into your server, through eavesdropping the connection to breaking into his machine. Don't use just FTP. Instead, use FTP over SSL or SFTP. Anything that provides good encryption and authentication. A good place to start would be to learn about software and OS security and how different kind of flaws and exploits work. If you don't have time to invest into this, you can hire an auditor, who will test your servers and report on their level of security. Of course this is going to take money, so choose your own path.
  9. You're still not telling us what exactly your algorithm is supposed to do. Until you figure it out and tell us, we can't help you.
  10. Do you subscribe to the idea of throwing more hardware on software problems? It's unreasonable to expect the new software to always run as fast as the old software without new hardware, but only if the new software actually offers something new. The current trend in the software market is, however, to just churn out software that could be made faster with a few tweaks and tell everyone that they just need newer hardware.
  11. http://events.ccc.de/2006/04/21/gentlemen-...p-your-clients/ http://www.defcon.org/html/links/defcon-media-archives.html Also, a nice archive (sadly, no video) of BlackHat conference topics: http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-multimedia...ives-index.html
  12. Without knowing how addresses in your network are organized, this question is impossible to answer.
  13. Most encryption algorithms require quite long passwords to be as secure as they can get. Generally, the longer your key phrase is, the better your security is. As for which algorithm to use, NSA has this to say about AES: So it is quite secure. Most attacks on WinRAR passworded archives I've seen were done by dictionary attacks, so yes, I'd say that for anyone without a computer cluster, it would be hard to crack such password. There are better ways of securing your data than WinRAR, though. Asymmetric cryptography would be your best choice. There are many software packages that allow you to do this, like GPG.
  14. So, basically, you're trying to reinvent the birthday attack?
  15. TimeCube > FixedEarth.
  16. Someone didn't read the forum rules.
  17. FBI.
  18. You might want to try http://www.dimdim.com/ then.
  19. Try harder, it's still bloody obvious.
  20. VPN + VoIP software that supports videochat and conferencing. Or instead of a VPN, you could use the AllPeers plugin for Firefox for file sharing.
  21. I do feel childish and anyone that post on this from should feel childish too. No, it did work twice, because you replied to it. All I'm looking for is a reply of any kind And spaceout you're not the only one that did not have BSOD in ME. Alot of people do not understand what cause a BSOD. When I was working on computer the most common problem was, "All i did was took the CD out and the BSOD came." Nine out of ten times the BSOD tells you what you did wrong or what windows doesn't want you to do. So, you're trolling? It was nice talking to you, bye.
  22. That's true insofar as to allow rapid factoring of large numbers (using Shor's algorithm), which can in theory be applied to break RSA whose integrity is contingent on the computational infeasibility factoring large numbers. But from what I understand, QC cannot be applied to 'crack' symmetric-key algorithms (AES, Twofish, Serpent, etc) or hash functions (MD5, SHA, RIPEMD, etc). With sufficient speed it could be used to efficiently brute force them.
  23. I tried to make a program in it, but it seemed to encourage bloated code. The SDK that I remember was simply too complicated to use and developing even a simple application was frustrating because of the shear amount of code you had to write using the poor documentation. There's also this: http://www.openmoko.com/
  24. I get this sound at random time intervals, it's two "clicks" that occur even after the system was reinstalled (Windows XP). I decided to record the sound (it's a little bit louder in reality): http://www.sendspace.com/file/renrhy If you cannot hear it, boost your volume. Does any of you know what it may be?
  25. No, I just confirmed that it was most probably the same reason for me.