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  1. My wife's parents live just down the street from us. If you do the Street View on our street, one of the spy cars got her dad walking from our house to theirs. It's kind of funny, each "step" you take shows him further down the road. And in a couple pictures, he's looking directly at the camera. I don't know what the spy cars look like, but they can't be too outlandish because he said he didn't really remember that particular instance (i.e. there weren't huge cameras or spaceship-looking vehicles riding around).
  2. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5257165866665420360 30 seconds of googling.
  3. Ah, finally, an Apple product that truly matches the intelligence of their fans.
  4. Why exactly don't you feel safe while using canned air? I don't know about the insides of the PSP but unless there are any loose elements, using canned air to blow dust out of it shouldn't be any problem.
  5. I don't understand how that's an invasion of privacy when she's pissing on a public street. Me neither, I just thought it was funny and the existence of Google spy cars is a little bit scary.
  6. Typical case of "serious business" blog: As if a board set up to post pictures of crudely drawn people performing sexual acts was supposed to be elegant, sensitive, and productive.
  7. Computer science, just like mathematics, is not about usefulness. No, there's a reason why there's mathematics and applied mathematics. There's also a reason for why there's computer science and computer engineering. One deals with the purely hypothetical concept, the other uses those concepts to solve real life problem through application. One derives from the other but they still stand as independent domains.
  8. I never said there isn't, I said that it's not implied by the science itself, read my posts carefully. Not really. You can do that all on paper. Algorithms don't require any implementation to still be valid algorithms, and so, a part of computer science. OS development is an engineering subject. System theory, OS algorithms, etc. are parts of computer science. Applying them, i.e. making an OS, is not a part of computer science, it's a part of computer programming and engineering. Then stop making errors. You keep on confusing the practical side of the subject of computers - computer and software engineering - with the purely theoretical one - computer science. The former needs computers, or other programmable counting machines, the latter only needs proper theory proofs.
  9. I would worry more about the Google Spy Cars, to be honest. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/30/madrid_street_view/
  10. Probably because we don't have time to piss away at MySpace.
  11. That's just fantastic, but I'm not talking about what it entails. That's great, but that's not what surgery is about. Surgery is about healing people through operations. If suddenly everyone started operating on people with lasers, surgery wouldn't start being a science about lasers. You still don't get it. Computer science is not about computers. It is about computing. Computing can be done with an abacus, manually or mentally, just like you can hammer a nail with something else than a hammer. You are not learning about the tool, you are learning about the theory behind the tool, that's what CS is about. To be a computer scientist you don't have to use any computers, so there is no "practical side" implied by the science itself. What you are talking about is computer engineering.
  12. And this exact mindset is why there are so manny shitty IT "professionals" around. Yet another completely wrong mindset. Computer science is not about computers. Not any more than surgery is about scalpels or astronomy is about telescopes. When most people say "computer science" they really mean computer engineering.
  13. You have to know Python to know how to use httplib2. Do you know Python? unfortunately no! Then go to http://python.org/doc/ and read the tutorials. Once you've learned Python a bit, you can check out the httplib2 documentation.
  14. You have to know Python to know how to use httplib2. Do you know Python?
  15. http://gmail.com http://mail.aim.com http://gmx.com http://zenbe.com http://gawab.com http://inbox.com http://hushmail.com
  16. Well then you didn't really love programming, you loved tinkering or coding at best. A good programmer is a one that can devise a universal solution that can then be translated into any language the programmer chooses. Other people just think inside the limitations of the syntax provided by the language they know. Coding monkeys don't even think, they just apply well-known solutions to observed patterns and pray that they work. All of these people can code in a certain language, but the programmer is the one who, by understanding of the theory, can make meaningful practice, instead of blindly trying out known solutions.
  17. And my previous avatar wasn't? I think this one would suit you better:
  18. It looks like it's either SHA-0 or SHA-1, both produce 160-bits long digests. A further note on using rainbow tables: they work only if there was no salt added to the hash. If there was a salt, then it borders on impossible to crack a hashed value, that is, until we have fully operational quantum computers.
  19. If you're into programming more than anything, then starting by learning a programming language is completely wrong. What you should do instead is learn about algortithms and data structures (yet again, the link in my signature) that are completely abstract, and then learn implementation by learning the syntax of a language you want to learn. By starting with any language you are limiting yourself to the paradigm preferred or sometimes enforced by the language. Since you said you're more into programming than anything, then you should learn the ability of solving problems first, not the ability of implementing solutions. You're going to be much better off then.
  20. What? First of all bbcode is only used by the submitter to format their text. It's translated into HTML for viewing usage. Second, what do you mean by "leaching forum posts?" If you want some way to extract the text from each individual post, use an HTTP client library and a regex library. "httplib2" and "re" on python for instance. I think there was actually a thread about this a long time ago on these boards. Someone wanted to create a page that showed the latest posts from multiple forums. It was concluded that the easiest and most practical way to do this would be to convince the owner of each forum to add some sort of common API. But I don't even know if this is relevant to you at all, seeing how vague and unspecific your posts are. i dont know what is httplib2 and how to use it. Well then, get to reading: http://code.google.com/p/httplib2/
  21. And now you're recruiting for a TV show for a guy that had 5 seasons running? Hahahaha, you expect people to bend over for your vague propositions? You really are clueless. You started with the passive agressive responses. How about you tell us about the show you're doing, just like I asked three times before? Funny, I never heard of you. You embarass your own self enough, he doesn't need to do anything. Obviously all your rapping and kidnapping didn't help when it came to you landing in prison. Then why did he and the rest of the people in this thread have to provoke you for over a day to post that information and you still didn't do it? If you're so fucking brilliant then why didn't you show your credentials at the beginning? Why are you behaving like some kind of shut-in asperger's kid when it comes to giving some concrete information and then spaz out when people get sick of your bullshit? Be afraid, the rapping, kidnapping internet tough guy is watching you.
  22. So it applies to naive people? Great. A few sentences of high promises is not info. You haven't given us any concrete piece of information to rely on when testing your credibility. No. Maybe the fact that you are the one who cares about making that stupid TV show? If you don't want to tell us who the producer is then why even bring the topic of him and his 5-season show up? To rub our eyes with bullshit? What makes you so special that you think you can tell us anything and we'll believe? Hahahahahaha, you're a lot of fun, really. Tell you what, I don't give half a shit about your show and until you post some concrete information about it, you'll keep making a dolt out of yourself. Finally. Oh, wait, but you won't tell me because you don't need to. Can I borrow your watch, by the way? I've been asked to do so by the president. No, not the U.S. president, just some president. Can't tell you now. Oh, what's that, you're not going to lend me your watch? Well, apparently you don't deserve to lend it to the president anyway. And, no, I am not going to tell you who he is. Also, your watch sucks. PS No I wouldn't. Also, nice album cover.
  23. I mean really, the most you have to contribute to this thread is putting on a spelling nazi hat and pointing out my spelling error? Yes, I'm particularly sick of millions of people making that same goddamn error as if noone can actually learn simple grammar. Noone really cares about your offer as it is, because you haven't provided any concrete information. Who is the executive producer? Which show? And most of all: how do you see the hacker show you plan to make not being boring? What is it going to be about?
  24. So are you going to tell us what the show is going to be about or not?