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  1. So maybe just make a big load of links to answers to most frequently asked questions?
  2. RightCoast - I think, that DocDroppers should be for more advanced hackers. I also think, that it is a good idea to star a Wiki specially for newbies...
  3. http://c2.com/cgi-bin/wiki?TopTenWikiEngines Free Wiki hosting: http://atwiki.com/ http://www.free-wiki-hosting.com/ http://www.editthis.info/ http://www.elwiki.com/ http://pbwiki.com/ http://www.riters.com/ and so on... check: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Wiki_Science:...to_start_a_Wiki BTW: I could write some articles for newbies.
  4. When I clciked the link, nothing happened. No icon, no other shit. I also wonder, how a virus can be inside a jpg file?
  5. google.com - search for "GIF".
  6. Check their incomes... BTW: http://books.google.com/books?hl=en&q=Mana...QL,+2nd+Edition - niiiice
  7. Are you sure it can interrupt brain impulses? Wouldn't it have to be big and strong like shit? Correct me, if I'm wrong, I'm just curious.
  8. The deletion of C:/Windows should work. Anyway, if there is another "crush me" excercise, but with a Windows XP (and it has a user login on start), simply delete the userinit.exe file in C:/Windows/system32. Why? Well, when you login, some registry value (I don't remember in which key, but since it's named "userinit.exe", you should have no problems in finding it) tells Windows XP to use userinit to start the explorer, and all the minor processes. When that file is gone, but the registry value says, that it is there, the system tries to read from a file that doesn't exist, and so loggs out. (LOL) What can you see, when Windows can't read from the userinit file? Right after you login, you see, that Windows is doing something with the user data (as always), your wallpaper shows, you're automatically logged out, and you see the login screen again. All because the deletion of ONE file.
  9. And have 400 $sys$Sassers. Yipeee!!!
  10. They should go to jail (whoever invented it). By buing their CD's (or anything) I don't let them control of my computer, or monitoring my behaviors. But that case leads us to this - BIG companies woul rather hackers to sit in the jail. Why? Maybe, because they can know about their illegal behaviors? Or maybe they don't wan't concurrency. (and I don't wanna start again the cracker vs. hacker war. For me a hacker isn't someone bad, but he has ENOUGH knowlegde to do something illegal, and step onto the dark side of the hack. ) But, anyway, it's good, that it has been revealed. Maybe SONY's process would make other companies more gentle towards users of their products. EDIT: coding_monkey - try and make a googlism search for "Bill Gates". One of the results will be: "Bill Gates is Darth Vader".
  11. Take/buy a skateboard and use it to go down the stairs. Even if it not as fast as elevator it may teach you not to change things that work right.
  12. Well, to be clear, I told you, that if there is a domain, which points somewhere, than it is used as a pointer, and is not holding anything. Then, if there's a real website (not domain) named www.name.com, then www.name.com, and its domain www.whatname.com, and another site www.name2.com point to the same server (same IP), but to the different catalogues. Just like this: ___________________________________DOMAIN SERVER _______________________________________/ ____________________________www.whatname.com ____________________________/_____( ---SERVER---[/] ( _____\____________________/ ______\---------www.name.com _______\_________(name/) ________\ _________\--------www.name2.com ___________________(name2/) If there is any misunderstanding, please tell.
  13. Now this, then the Minority Raport, and then... The Matrix? But, yeah, it is annoying to be under total controll.
  14. Haven't you understood something?
  15. I think that aliases point to the "target" website, which means, that even, if you type "www.whatanidiot.com", it'll still point to the originall, let's say, "www.georgewbush.com". Which means that if on the "www.georgewbush.com" is a passwod in, let's say, "/etc/passwd", than "www.whatanidiot.com/etc/passwd" should really call "www.georgewbush.com/etc/passwd". And no, aliases don't copy anything, they just point to a website...
  16. But I can't see the sense in making worms, viruses, and other crap, since they will work for a few days and then all the antiviruses will know, how to delete it. Not including that I don't feel like destroying someone's effects of work...
  17. Isn't a google engine just a "query-a-database", but done with fast computers?
  18. It looks like the guy had a hard time coding this. For me it's not worth to waste your time, writing a worm which code has a size of a book. Writing any worm is for me a waste of time...
  19. IF it finishes. Let's say, that every site on internet has a size of 50KB. 50KB * 8 000 000 000 = 400 000 000 000 KB, which is approximately 390 625 000MB, which is 381 469,7265625 TB. Now, let's say, that you download 1MB every second. You'll download the files for 12 years. Increase average size of a site to 1MB, and you'll have to wait for 240 years (1000KB [i know, I know, 1024, but it is all approximately] : 50KB). Have fun, and live long. And don't forget to buy a DVD recorder, and LOTS of DVD's. Or buy an army hard disks. (you know, the one's from their computers, which store many TB) P.S. I wonder, what would you do if the download suddenly stopped on 99,9% because of your internet connection, and all the data would spoil.
  20. H4x0rz Game Rating Corporation?
  21. I'm not a fed, if you want to know .
  22. Please, don't even try to tell me, that the humanity isn't hypocritic. -What are you playing, Jimmy? -It's a gangsta game, where you can distribute drugs, kill little rabbits with bazookas, and smash grannies with steam roller. -OK, but don't forget to do your homework. -What are you playing, Jimmy? -It's a simulator of nudist beach... -WHAT?!!!!eleven TURN OFF THE COMPUTER!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE GOUNDED!!!!!!!ONEONEONEELEVEN BTW: In WoW you can undress the chars too: http://wow.allakhazam.com/forum.html?forum...435331&num=1412 And if they're gonna sue Blizzard, than I will probably rip my head off with a rusty rakes...
  23. So surely there is more... something like 457^2.
  24. Check the http://oreilly.com/ for interesting books about programming, web, Unix, etc. etc.. Easy search, and you'll surely find something for you.
  25. I'm new to Linux (I have FC 4), and I want someone to tell me, how to install Tor and Privoxy, and how to configure them, please. I'm totally new to these tools, and the Tor FAQ isn't very helpfull.