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  1. It depends on the exploit.
  2. http://www.milw0rm.com/exploits/1720 ← I know, I know. Another script kiddie...
  3. Do you have epilepsy, or something?
  4. Maybe you could load the CD booting program into the memory with the diskette, and then quickly replace the floppy drive with cd drive with the CD in it?
  5. Can anyone post me some links to articles about WEP, SSH, and 802.11, that say more about the technicals, and give not only general info, but also specified info? I'd like to know from these articles, how does WEP, SSH and 802.11 work (how does encryption encrypt the packets, how encrypted connection is initiated and all that stuff), and how cracking programs crack the encryption.
  6. Nearly everything can make me wet, but then I realize, that it is nothing so special, so I go to next thing. And this surely doesn't make me wet. I learn computer hacking because it is the only thing that doesn't bore me to death.
  7. /me stands corrected.
  8. Probably Partition Table is damaged... Try reformatting the disk...
  9. I can save you some time - IPs from to are dynamic so there's no sense in whois-ing them, or port scanning.
  10. Well... it's just an ASCII text, but every letter is replaced with it's hex value. Look at the ASCII table.
  11. To run Windows games you'd probably need Cedega. http://www.linux-gamers.net/ - here are all articles that you need to read to know how to install Cedega.
  12. ← OK, you got me there. :L Anyway - I learned something new, thanks. EDIT: Still, how would you transfer the deciphrating key? There is always risk, that someone can see it, so it is only theorethically unbreakable.
  13. I doubt that computer literate people will buy this chip, I mean - some people just like to know exactly what their machine is doing, and don't like to see some encripted data dump... Anyway - there is no encryption method that can't be cracked.
  14. Well, it's not about polish meant by something that is from Poland... And rather not about something that was polished... It's "Slovak Spectator", so it's news from Slovakia... Anyway - funny article.
  15. I'm gonna ask the most obvious question: have you checked the cables? If yes, then: what have you done before the screen went blank? And: doesn't anything show up? (including the BIOS startup) Does the computer make any sounds? If yes, then describe them. If the computer doesn't make ANY sound and even BIOS doesn't show up, and the cable is connected right, than probably the mainboard is jammed. If there are sounds, but no BIOS, then either monitor, or mainboard is jammed.
  16. You forgot to add smoking crack.
  17. I take the notebook drops, kk?
  18. I'm talking hypothetically here, but shouldn't hakcers like... u know... share their knowledge? I know that by giving someone an opportunity to buy that DVD is sharing knowlegde, but isn't requesting $800 for a DVD a little bit, hypothetically greedy?
  19. Hi all, I recently got my site hosted. The site will be a database of links to articles about computer and network security, and some related stuff. It's lots of fun to maintain such site, but it's also hard, so I would be happy, if you could help. I'm looking for someone to help me maintain: -Articles, -News, and FAQs, eventually someone to wrie some articles, or to moderate the forum, but it'll be rather later. I will be vary thankfull for any help. WhatChout, admin of hackinfo.hostiz.com.
  20. Refer to your Linux documentation, because we won't tell you. Noob.
  21. whatchout@abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijk.com This. Is. Insane.
  22. Which BIOS do you have?
  23. I don't remeber quite good now, but there was the case with Sony BMG software, that installed itself without your knowledge, when you were listening to the music from their CD's. The software manifulated some registry keys, and by doing it made files, and folder beginning with char invisible from the file explorer. Just look through the Reg and find that option, set the char to, let's say "@" and name your folder "@secretfolder" (maybe you'll have to add "@" at the end, I don't remeber), and poof! it's gone.
  24. If the filter just checks for banned words in typed URL, and you're using Firefox (I haven't tried it with other browsers) you can pass the URL in hexadecimal form. Simply use an ASCII table (http://www.lookuptables.com/), and change letters in URL to hex! Remember to write "%" before any hex. Bu using this method, you can get access to binrev.com by typing "%42%49%4E%52%45%56%2E%43%4F%4D" instead of URL.
  25. They've got him...