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  1. But still you pay them a monthly fee, so they can kiss your ass, cannot they?
  2. I don't understand it. Why does a telephone company want to punish you for dialing numbers? Random, or not, you paid for it...
  3. After a thought, you could write a program that would set off explosives hidden in the laptop, but then you would not be able to fly anywhere.
  4. Remember to always have a boot-and-nuke floppy/CD. (dban.sf.net)
  5. Learn Perl, Python, PHP, or something from Microsoft's .NET platform of languages to capture the logins.
  6. http://taspring.clan-sy.com/
  7. I'll probably never understand how this cracking works. I always was terrible at maths...
  8. Can anyone give me link or explain to me, how this cracking works?
  9. O RLY
  10. I have personally never heard of company sueing anybody just because he had illegal copy of their software. Now, I have heard about them doing this to people who were copying the illegal copies and selling them for money, but that's different...
  11. Ja, das ist ein unbestraitbar Wahrheit!
  12. iHack?
  13. /me claps. You sir, are just the winner of the week. Or maybe a whole month.
  14. You could open the file with any text editor, the text isn't encrypted iirc. And thanks for not sharing.
  15. Erm... Sorry to interrupt you, guys, but since when anyone logs on their bank/paypal/w/e account using proxies? Why would anyone want to do this?
  16. I enhanced the contrast, so the pics are more readable.
  17. So isn't being hacker about sharing knowledge? And I suppose they planned the prices for being on the con so that they didn't loose money. And 75 dollars is too much for some. Not to add that they live thousands of kilometers away.
  18. D-Link's routers let you cut anyone in LAN from the Internet. And WoW works without CDs.
  19. Curiosity is one thing - bank tampering is another. EOF
  20. I'm AmigaOS.
  21. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/cryptoog/public_html/encrypt.php on line 55
  22. Did you guys notice that people from India seek Internet on the Internet and Google on Google?
  23. Tokachu - I personally believe that socialism isn't bad. It's totalitarism that is bad to citizens. I believe that knowledge should be shared. I'm an inveterate idealist, but I think that going the "don't touch, pay first, don't share, it's MINE! MINE!! MINE!!!" way won't lead us to the better future. While I think that creators should be respected because of their works, I believe we should learn sharing, not lawsuiting each other to death.
  24. Metatron - that will surely enhance coding. I personally think that soon enough Personal Computers will be as cheap as telephones today.