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  1. I'm not a hacker, (in my opinion) because I don't have enough knowlegde or skills.
  2. SSH tunnel from your home computer.
  3. Can't find any asian girls in the gallery. EDIT: Yay, found one! http://article7.org/wallpaper/A/Ayumi%20Ha...ki11024x768.jpg
  4. I'll buy it as soon as I get money from you.
  5. http://www.clickherefree.com http://www.110mb.com
  6. I always wondered why my eyes hurt so much after watching this forum... Thanks for changing the theme. And BTW - what happened to the group icon?
  7. Now give me 1000$ so that I can buy Photoshop... Now, seriously, you're dramatizing the situation. Pirates have been on the computer scene since the begining of proprietary software. It still exists and is fine and growing. Drama out of nowhere.
  8. First off, HOW do you want to connect to the internet? (DETAILS)
  9. Also www.design-simulation.com/WM2D/index.php.
  10. http://www.fizica.ambra.ro/download/softfi...hanics_Lite.exe
  11. No filter can be a substitute for a talk with children who you care about.
  12. http://encyclopediadramatica.com/index.php/Fifty_Hitler_post
  13. So, I wanted to make an experiment, to produce plasma, and indeed I succeeded. This is the recipy: Take a bowl (APPROPRIATE FOR MICROWAVE OVENS) made of transparent glass. Place it upside down in front of opened microwave oven, so you don't have to waste time flipping it upside-down. Set a toothpick on fire, and let it burn for a few seconds, till it starts turning red. Then, place it inside the oven as fast as it is possible, and put the bowl on the toothpick. Start the oven on maximum power as fast as it is possible. (these steps can require some practice, also remember that the bowl can get very hot in the process) WARNING: I CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR EXPERIMENTS AND THEIR RESULTS. THINK BEFORE YOU EXPERIMENT, THANK YOU. Those are the pics: And here you have the movie: http://video.tinypic.com/player.php?v=2mn15yf Enjoy.
  14. proxify.com?
  15. How is this NSFW, I have no idea...
  16. I might not understand those articles, but what's so new about electrical induction?
  17. I would probably switch if it was possible to type polish characters like "ą", "ę", "ć" etc.
  18. I wonder how can it be that Earth hasn't yet exploded because of the stupidity of mankind.
  19. Do you have tics or has someone stolen the "s" key from your keyboard?
  20. Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wired_Equivalent_Privacy
  21. http://forums.spywareinfo.com/index.php?showtopic=89153 Here is a link to a spywareinfo forums where user "Sterilize" posts: Very weird indeed. Could this be a failure of DNS server? It opens the DoJ page for me too.
  22. I bet 1000 fucking Binrev dollars, that it will be in 6 days or less.
  23. I don't remember clearly, but I was searching for something totally not related to BinRev on Google.
  24. No it doesn't. Get over it.
  25. There's an "I like pancakes" option missing in the poll.