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  1. Corrected.
  2. I'm reposting this for the nth time. Can some mod sticky this link? http://freecomputerbooks.com
  3. If you're a network admin and don't know how VNC will let you view storage devices on other computers then what are you doing at that position?
  4. Install a VNC.
  5. ITT: People saying they also thought about Edlin to sound cool.
  6. Is KDevelop any good at all? KDevelop is not a compiler, which should be obvious after a moment of reading.
  7. Uninstall the applet from the command line.
  8. Linux is not a command line language. It's not even a language. No better alternatives to reading, testing and experimentation, sorry. Any tool that is capable of using a proxy server. See a list here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_server#Proxy_software What do you mean by ""safe" tools/OS's"? Every operating system is safe to a certain level.
  9. GNU is not a program, it's a software foundation... Depends on which libraries you're talking about.
  10. No, it's more like not screaming your head off for a fire extinquisher at a fire-juggling act. That's assuming that the juggler is throwing balls of fire into everyone else.
  11. If you have full end-to-end connectivity on a WPA/PSK network without password, then it that it's not a WPA/PSK network. It seems that the friend then shuts down the AP, enables the WPA/PSK, sets the password and turns the AP back on.
  12. Who are you referring to? You know your parents couldn't give a shit either. Sounds like your opinion "concerning the negative effect pedophiles have" is composed of calling us names. One of many prerequisites to gaining respect is not behaving like a fucking 4 year old when someone disagrees. (which you just did) Go cry me a river, emo kid. Tell you what, cowboy: you want to be a fucking hero? Then just do it and stop bitching on a fucking forum! I don't remember seeing you do anything to fight pedophiles except expecting us to immediately help you on whichever non-specific task you present to us and then going butthurt over the fact that (surprise!) people actually have other things to do! Yes, that's right, people really don't give a shit if some pervert associates themselves with hackers, so the natural reaction is not giving a fuck. Which obviously collides with your dumbass ambitions and overgrown ego of someone who thinks they are the best thing ever, resulting in massive butthurt. Seems like you care what others think of you after all. I didn't insinuate anything, too bad you have a moralizing ego of a zealot with hemorrhoids and can't take a joke. So, your post didn't took much brain power either, eh? The worst part is that I didn't invest much brain power in my previous post, and you did in yours. Now, since you claimed that that also will result in failure ("fade into the same obscurity"), that makes you either a failure OR a dumbass. Choose your reward.
  13. You do realize that you can't connect without the password? Dictionary attack. If he's not using a common word for a password, then you can't. (you can but it's unfeasible) http://www.aircrack-ng.org/
  14. http://tinypic.com/ Doesn't support SWFs IIRC.
  15. That's like ignoring being on fire.
  16. Jawohl, Herr Kommandant, die Predatoren wirden in Konzentrationcampfen relokieren und im die Kopf geschutzen! (yes I know it's broken German, quit bitching) Seriously though, it's an ancient thread and nobody cares. Also, "To Catch A Predator" is funnier than many comedy shows I've seen.
  17. Notepad++ is a text editor. If the book that you've been learning C/C++ from hasn't mentioned that you need a COMPILER yet, then throw the book in the trash bin. Here's one of a few compilers available: http://gcc.gnu.org/ Mind you, it's much easier to use on Linux, at least for me.
  18. Emacs, Vim, Notepad++, jEdit. About your programming questions: what's the point of learning C or C++? - How are you going to talk to a foreigner without knowing his language? C and C++ are used in almost every application out there. Why learn C++ or C when you know VB? - Actually that question was asked in a much cockier tone but I toned it down. Seeing as you don't really know much about how computers really work, I don't think explaining the differences not only in structure but also in efficiency and running time (C and C++ kick VB's ass any day, and before jedibebop walks in with his "premature optimization is the root of blah blah" I'd like to add that sometimes optimization is needed. (it doesn't help that I don't know what exactly you want to learn) Sure you can code "faster" in VB - the point is that noone really uses it for anything besides prototyping) has much sense. Anyway, you won't learn anything without reading. If you really like computers and would like to seriously learn something about them, get ready to invest around 10 or so - if not more - years of learning. (though you might have some of that past you) If you need books, go to http://freecomputerbooks.com
  19. http://freecomputerbooks.com I've reposted this link 10 times already.
  20. Tor exit nodes with stable IP addresses announce themselves as such.
  21. O.K. I'll do it immediately. I am pretty comfortable with assembly and C, but I don't have any experience with kernel debugging. Can you tell me more about it, some links or books etc. http://www.freecomputerbooks.com The kernel source archive from kernel.org has an extensive documentation as well.
  22. The "Hacker's Manifesto" was written by a guy who knew he was going to go to jail for some banking swindle and wanted to make a victim out of himself IIRC.
  23. Unless you can uplink the router, there's no way you can put your CentOS PC (or any other device for that matter) "above" the router.
  24. Wait... Is the UK trying to ban experimentation and creativity?
  25. You didn't tell us if the device is a switch or a hub.