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  1. It has only been around for around half a decade. What age do you consider being your "kid" years?
  2. Oh, just the thrill of beating the system? You could try calling the company who made the game. SE some information out of them. Ask what programming language it is in, ask for some information about their servers, and any other things you can think of. Depending on how old you sound, this should go smoothly if you say all the right things. You could tell him that you are a network admin, and your son plays so you checked it out. Then you could ease into saying how secure the whole thing looked, and just sort of start from there.
  3. Hey, I looked into this. The game is not written in javascript. I didn't conclude what programming language it is written in. I also found out that the place Evolve took ya to is just a scam to get your account name and password. Try what that guy did if you want. There is a wiki. I gathered that the system it runs on isn't flawless, but it really doesnt have the necessary flaws you are looking for to exploit your stats or steal passwords. You could maybe write a keylogger and post it in the game's forums. I wouldn't do this if i were you. I wouldn't waste my time actually. Try not playing for two months. You will probably not even have the tempation to play anymore after that.
  4. That was one of the highly intelligent hackers someone referred to earlier. ← I'm geussing that is sarcasm, and just wanted to say that it wasn't meant to be a pm. I just didn't want to say, "I change my mind, I don't want people reading this." Why is it that everything I say is ridiculed in some form or another. I want to say more in my defense besides this, but am afraid I'll just make you guys look down on me even more. I bet you'll say something bad about this post too anway.
  5. whoops. ment to be a pm.
  6. This is a pretty good price for a laptop. Also, it looks interesting. :go:
  7. I just found this neat site created by some AI research students making a robotic AI training game, it looks pretty fun, check it out:
  8. And PS Debris, STOP FUCKING POST WHORING!!!! A little here and there is still annoying, but on your level you've been whoring so damn much you have like 4,000 cyber STDs. STOP!!! ← What the hell? I think you're thinking of Voldemort. I don't post as often as I use to. In fact, the post I made telling that other guy that I thought you were kidding was I think maybe the only post made that day. I could have made one or two others, but honestly I didn't think that the post I made would be such a problem. edit: Oh! I just reread what I posted and what the other person posted and I noticed that you were the one I was telling that the guy was kidding. So, I should be getting mad at you, and you should be the one embarrassed. What I was telling you, Exvitel, was that I thought that the other guy was kidding. I knew that you weren't kidding, and that is why I bothered to post so I could inform you that what the other guy said was probably a joke. I'm sorry if this post bothers you by the way. I reallly really really don't intend to sound like an asshole.
  9. Aren't we supposed to say, "We don't do that here slick."?
  10. I can't wait to see it! ← I think he was kidding, Exvitel. I'll be really embarrassed if yu weren't.
  11. Yes I do. Well actually I thought that there was no satellite imagery at all. I'm pretty stupid, so it figures that I would think that. Well, all in all I think google should at least update their images. It has been about three years since the images were taken right?
  12. If you notice, there are square-shaped buttons in the top. You can hover over them. Hover over them until you find the one that says, "Urban" something. Click on that one, and, you should be able to zoom in really close.
  13. I'm not interested in drastic changes though. I enjoy seeing the tiny changes, or maybe even the regularities. I could notice a certain car that is always at a certain place at a certain time. Sometimes the car maybe would be missing, and I'd have something to worry about. It would be my soap opera. The car would be my friend. How would I ever be able to keep track things only annually?
  14. Well, I didn't actually mean literal live-feeds. I ment something more along the lines of a constant update type of thing. Maybe it would only change the view of a spot once a day, but that is alot better than how it is now.