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  1. Good morning anyone. My name is Daniel, although people have been prone to call me Themistocles or Cynical/Synical. I'm 17 and self-taught. I first started in computers when I was 11 with modding games and website design and got into hacking when I saw "Live Free or Die Hard." My first thought was "This is cool..." but I really wanted to know how much of that movie was Hollywood (all of it but I still liked it). So I picked up some of my Dad's books and started to read, type, and read. Anyways, I'm learned in python and C/C++. Not super-strong in either, though now that school has sort of slowed, I've had time to really get back into it. (Avoided computer related classes at the moment because the only ones available teach only in Java and I have a distaste for Java.) But thats the basics, and I hope to contribute some good things to this site, in return learn as much as I can.