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  1. I do it by using the admins computer . Usually there is not enough computers in the "computer room" for everyone. So I get to use his laptop, which doesn't have any filters on it.
  2. Well, I'll admit that the one on lynucs.org isn't mine, and the one that I posted there is just a upload of the one from lynucs. But, I modeled my sisters desktop after that one, looks EXACTLY the same. So, I just posted that. My sister didn't like it much though (it's her computer, I couldn't tell her no), but I'm 80% sure I still have the picture, I'll post a link to it when I get the chance. Don't worry, the other desktops are mine though . She was using fluxbox, and I don't know what the theme is named. P.S. My sister changed that leet desktop to one that has those dumb Bratz dolls in the background :pissed:
  3. Main Gentoo Box: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b7/Yawgmoth7/desktop.jpg My laptop http://photobucket.com/albums/b7/Yawgmoth7...nt=b70293ca.png (Sorry it is soo small) My sisters box: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b7/Yawgm...4354d448b5e.jpg (Also on lynucs.org) I love my desktops soo much
  4. Yeah, you do need to obtain the hash first. If you wanted something to brute force something, like a login on a website, there is Hydra for Linux and Brutus (I think that is the name) on Windows....that's kinda lame though...oh well, whatever.
  5. If I remember correctly, you could use something like 'wget -R google.com/somedir/'
  6. Your 5 year old sister has a computer? lmao, what would a 5 year old need a comp for? Oh and I just got my 12 year old sister on Slackware. I finally got her to take the old comp I was trying to give her and she seems to be liking it. yay leetness. She actually seems to be pretty interested now, I'm teaching her about crap that I would never have expected her to ever care about, which is fuckin amazing ← Heh, well, she does the usual kid stuff...she plays some online games (on the sites like noggin.com and such), types random stuff. She doesn't ever really use it that much.
  7. Hmmm, I haven't got a email saying that I must purchase something. I haven't got a email for the promo code either though. I just did this 2 days ago though, so it might still be a few days.
  8. IP

    I know that you are refering to the IP of the network..what else would you be refering to xD. What I'm saying is there isn't a certain way to obtain a IP. And...if you are doing a "NetBIOS Hack" then you should already know the person's IP. First of all.. do you know what NetBIOS even is?
  9. IP

    There are a number of ways you could go about getting someones IP. You need to be more specific about what you mean by "someones IP". It depends whether you are browsing their site, chatting with them, emailing them etc.
  10. That probably isn't a very good idea. I am never really on the computers at school, but every once in awhile when I am and a site is blocked I just google the site and use google's cached version instead.
  11. I turned 13 on Dec. 24th and my sister turned 5 on Dec. 30th. I have 3 boxes, two running Gentoo and one FreeBSD. My sister has a computer, it's running Ubuntu and she can use it just fine. Maybe you should just use something like Debian or Slackware or something. If something goes wrong on my sisters computer, then I do generally have to fix it, but she can open apps from the terminal and play games and type with simple text editors and stuff (All of the stuff a 5 year old would want to do). I say just get something like Debian.
  12. Hehe, actually it's not my site. I am an admin on it, but it's not mine. Also, sorry for the very late reply
  13. This site is just starting out, but the owner is a really smart guy and is working on a lot of things for the site(Everything from content to a cool design) and it is growing pretty fast. So i just thought i'd metion it: http://gurusnetwork.org/modules/news/
  14. I use ipkungfu. Its easy, and it seems to do its job.
  15. People use it because they like to gossip and be annoying.....damn people.