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  1. You shut it down using the shutdown command like normal. PS2 Linux isn't a live cd it installs to the hard drive. The first disc is used for booting the system but the actual install is on the hd. Also if your installing Linux to use seriously and not just to play around with I suggest you don't use the official Linux disto by Sony. BlackRhino (debian based) is a lot better. However you still need the first disc from the official distro to boot it.
  2. Your right I just checked and there was another EGBROWSER called EGBROWSER BB that supported ethernet. I had had only used the normal one which only support usb dial up.
  3. 1) You don't need the Sony one. You can use any IDE hd (I've got a 120gb on mine). You can format it from you pc with available tools or from the PS2 with hdloader (what I'm assuming your using) 2) You can but the network transfer of files is extremely slow. It's worth it to open it up and transfer a game in 5 minutes or less rather than wait an 30min or more for it to transfer over the network. As for putting the games on the drive it's not as simple as drag and drop. Basically the game becomes it's own partition. The software you use on the pc or ps2 handle everything easily though. The best tools are hdl_dump for linux and winhiip for windows. 3) Yes, the program used for storing games lets you just stick in a game and copy it. While movies, dvds, and music can't be saved the same way you can create a partition on the drive for storing whatever files you want however because of the slow speed of transfer files between pc and ps2 big stuff like dvds isn't worth the time of transferring and besides theres no way to watch it on the ps2. 4) There is no browser available however if you get PS2Linux installed then you can but hdloader and ps2linux can be installed on the same drive. Oddly enough there was 1 browser released in japan but it only worked with usb 56k modems. Hope that helped
  4. I've been running nothing but slack on my systems for a few years and don't intend to switch anytime soon.
  5. Other than gaining straight access to the server some sites can be exploited to allow you to write files on the server. So it would just be a matter of replacing the index file.
  6. The best thing to do is not just read a book. Either use books or free online material to get a grasp of the language. After that think of an app you want to make and start on it. You'll use what you know and as you go deeper in it you'll become more proficient. I always recommend people do small apps instead of just pumping out hello worlds and loop test.
  7. Tunneling the VNC connection is your best option.
  8. I'd go with Deli Linux
  9. check your local craigslist
  10. VB or just BASIC? If it's just BASIC then there are lots of interpreters available for Linux.
  11. Yeah, you can make a lilo or grub boot floppy. This page should have all the info you need.
  12. You can find more mirrors (most likely faster) by googling for the install file ""
  13. true, but some protection is better than no protection
  14. I'm planning to head down there for the first time as well and maybe pick up some interesting books or some odd hardware. Sucks that I've gotta go by mbta so I can't get anything too big.
  15. Cool, thanks. It's alright that its for Windows, since thats what I need it for. No program is required for that, Windows allows that by default when a 2nd a monitor is set up. The games will run fullscreen on the primary monitor and you can keep aim, irc, etc open on the 2nd monitor.