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  1. For a starter? I don't think that Debian is a "simple" install for a first timer. I mean you are compliliing your own Kernel . A task that may be daunting for a beginner. Hahahahahaha.........coke! Nice one . Maybe you should try Suse! Red Hat was my first though.
  2. I completely agree with you.
  3. eh....
  4. You have to be more exact. What exploit are you penetration testing with? You see there are multitudes of exploits. Many of them can be used in various ways. Do some more research. You might want to visit for more information.
  5. Glad you like it !
  6. This is a good representation of how penetrable current wireless protection schemes are. Study it and learn. Note I do not want this to be used destructively. I consider myself to be a whitehat and do not condone the use of such techniques on privately owned systems without the express permission from the owner for things such as penetration testing. Have fun testing your router though !
  7. I have compiled a list of free proxy services for people like you for someone who wanted this site done. Freedom Advanced
  8. Steganos Internet Anonym my friend. This bad boy is the best that I have found. you should LimeWire it or something.
  9. I have a friend who lives not too far from a city call Vista. It is shitty +1 in some areas. Windows Vista will probably reflect this in more ways than one . Also it seems that every time I check Microsoft has removed yet another thing from the Windows Vista "enhancements" list. Thus it's viability as a replacement operating system for Windows XP dissapears little by little. Unfortunately they have done one thing right in Vista, they remove the oh so fun blue screen of death. No doubt replacing it with some other terribly marred gui crap. :nono: Bad Microsoft! Lay down and die like OS2. Glad I could contribute.
  10. I found the article on the WIRED website if anyone is interested.,1282,68480,00.html
  11. What were these kids doing that made themselves so apparent to the IT staff? Their skills are obviously lackluster if they were modifying windows for their exploits, rather than just running a Linux Bootable distrobution like Whoppix from iWhax. Either way they go caught and now they have to face the consequences for their actions. However harsh the consequences are. I would like to point out that these children are not crackers for it seems that they caused no real damage to school computer systems. They just gave the IT guys a hard time something that I bet most of us are quite familiar with!
  12. Hahaha. My question is why would they ever drop their remume into their share folder in the first place. Oh well I use Limewire Pro (which I had to obtain through alternate means other than P2P ). If anyone wants it be sure to catch me on AIM as Freedom NXT. KTHX