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  1. By the way... Those assembly videos are really cool... There are like 10 parts... The fact that your randomize_va_space is set to 2 doesn't really mater... As long as it is not zero, it indicates that randomization is enabled... And the reason you had to issue the sudo command is because this is a system file and can only be changed by root... If you notice his prompt is something like bt assembly # The hash or sharp (#) indicates that he is in root mode... And thanks for the link... <----------------------> Cheers, Zee5han
  2. I'd say VLC... Killer player... It's got some advanced equalizer effects... Banshee ain't too bad... <-------------> Cheers, Zee5han
  3. I recommend Python... It's really easy to learn... The syntax is pretty clean and it is also cross-platform... You can also use Python for professional development... It may seem like a languages for novices... But it is also contains some really powerful features and libraries... It is also very well documented and there are also many great tutorials... You can start off by visiting python.org A for C/C++... These languages are strongly-typed languages... meaning that everything has to be defined properly and for a newbie it can be a bit less motivating... <---------------> Cheers, Zee5han
  4. I got into the computers and programming and hacking all when I was 15... I remember that I was a dumbass in computers and stuff before I turned 15... But when one of my buddy's in school showed me how to shutdown a remote computer... That got me curious and that is when I started reading about programming and hacking and stuff... Then I realized what Linux really was... And that it is not one OS... But just a kernel.. my friends still think that it is an OS... I started off with python and then moved to C... C really caught my attention with all it's low level stuff... I was completely self taught... My parents and not at all tech savvy... And same case with most of my friends...
  5. First Question... It depends on how much free time you have... And also how dedicated you are to learning about programming and how computers work... It also depends on how fast you are able to pick up stuff... And also how well you apply it into what you do... Second Question... To be a programmer you don't really need to be good at math... Seriously... At least the basics and stuff... The fact that you need to be a math whiz to be a programmer is pretty much a stereo type in my view... Third Question... You can start with python for programming... Just Google it... <--------------> Cheers, Zee5han
  6. I'm assuming your using the shutdown command in windows... The only way you can shutdown other computers on a LAN is if you have administrator privileges... If you know the admin password than you can just right click command prompt in the start menu and choose run as admin... <--------------------> Cheers, Zee5han