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  1. Recently I found out that some files I had backed up were somehow (probably by me) erased from an external drive I was using. So now I'm trying to retrieve them from an old PATA hard drive to back them up once again. The problem is, I still have the drive but I don't really have anything in terms of hardware anymore to boot it from so I purchased one of these "ATA to USB converters" in hopes of just copying the files off the drive but am having a bitch of a time getting this thing to work. Basically when I go into "drive manager" the PATA drive shows up but Vista won't assign it a letter, and Vista seems unwilling to let me do it manually either. Any suggestions on how to get access to this drive? BTW, it's a FAT32 linux partition (some old release of Freespire IIRC).
  2. haha I can't believe that trick still works. doesn't look like URL injection is going anywhere anytime soon.
  3. Thanks man, I'm saving these for backgrounds.
  4. Them profiling hackers is no different than what the FBI, CIA, ATF, HLS, and DEA do on a regular basis to people they suspect of committing "crimes". And who the hell registers under their real name at a hacker con? Even if you do use your real name, do you really think Emmanuel Goldstein is going to hand over any type of information without being presented with a warrant? I'm sure their "database" consists of Kevin Mitnick, Emmanuel Goldstein, Albert Gonzalez, Tron, and not much else.
  5. Why didn't you post this in GH? I'm not sure if I'll make it or not, but I'd like to go. There's a few talks I'd like to attend and I really want to see how SE-CTF plays out. The fact that there's likely going to be less people there is also a bit enticing but $140 is a lot of money for me. And even though transportation wouldn't be an issue I have no idea where I'd stay.
  6. has his fucking username back

  7. So the other day I was booting up an old desktop of mine that was running freespire because I wanted to get some files off it before I reformatted. I let it boot up and walked away for a while, when I came back and turned on the monitor I found that the computer had froze at the login screen, so I manually shutdown. Then when I tried to reboot I got this message. GRUB Loading Stage1.5. GRUB loading, please wait... Error 17 Getting a little pissed off, I rebooted a couple more times with no luck and finally just shutdown for good. During all this I had left my flash drive in the USB port. And later when I plugged it into my laptop, Windows recognized that a drive was plugged in but claimed the drive was empty and had 0 bytes of memory. I then booted into SuSE to try and retrieve some important text files off of the flash drive, but SuSE would not recognize the drive even when I tried to forcefully mount it. So whatever happened wiped and killed my flash drive.The next morning I booted up the freespire box and it seemed to work fine without running a diagnostics test or anything. I'm not that pissed or anything I'd just like to know what the fuck happened to my shit, any ideas?
  8. If a computer doesn't find something suitable to boot from on a specific medium it would just go to the next one down the list. So it still should have booted from the HDD.
  9. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/articl...TzTWfwD955VR7O0
  10. Yeah They actually sued google over that, but I'm not sure as to what came of that lawsuit. They were just pissed that google took pictures of their property. But google does scare me a bit, it's their policy to never delete emails, so even if you delete a message it will remain on google's back-ups. I have a GrandCentral line so technically google also has access to my voicemail, but I'm not sure what google does with those, if they keep them or not. I also remember reading a while back that google showed intrest in creating a database of people's medical records for use by hospitals, but I'm not sure what came of it.
  11. What about using wine or running a VM of Windows/OSX to run the apps you need?
  12. I've never built one but you should be able to apply the project design to any gas engine. If you're looking to make it more portable, maybe consider using a weed whacker engine instead. Of course the amount of power you can produce might be something to consider in a survival situation.
  13. Yay, A fellow Opera user.
  14. Pretty sure this guy is a bot.

  15. Well yeah it was a load of BS. But it just goes to show how far a school's willing to take this kind of activity.
  16. I remember reading an article a few years back about how a student obtained the admin password to his school issued laptop, the student then turned around and gave out the password to a number of other students, those students then told a number of other students a things spiriled out of control. Once the kids had admin they were able to disable internet filters and view porn. When it was all said and done the school singled out 13 students and charged them with felonies. Here's something I found about it, http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2005/08/68480
  17. So I assume Stryde is the Mike Walker mentioned in this story. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/otherspor...g-Olympics.html But this isn't the only controversy at the Olympics. A Romanian technical coordinator for Olympic boxing was fired yesterday for accusing the judges and referees of corruption. No small allegation seeing as how the Romanian was second in charge of almost every aspect of the competition, but the IOC sure seems to be downplaying it. http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5i0J3PV...ZTn7vPRG1NLLDAQ Boxing is about the only Olympic sport I watch and there was quite a lot of BS going on. Such as the reigning flyweight world champion Raushee Warren getting eliminated in the first round.
  18. Can someone please help me out. I need a working link for a SuSE repository of the aircrack-ng suite .9.x The David Bolt Rep. isn't working, and every link I've found through google isn't valid. This shits starting to piss me off.
  19. I've been thinking of doing this with a repeater but still havent figured out how i should encase it. My roof is slanted so there's the possibility that if not properly held down it will slide off the roof. I'm considering creating an apparatus to hang the repeater off of my gutters. Something birdhouse like should protect it from rain water (humidity won't be a problem). I'm gonna google around a bit first though.
  20. My laptop is 2gb RAM and a core 2 duo. It runs Vista Basic fairly well. But yeah, I wouldn't suggest going any lower than that.
  21. I think it will be hilarious to harass him after this. Hopefully wherever he moves has a rather "interactive" sex offenders website.
  22. I believe RBCP is going to be there, he's doing a special ep of PLA TV.
  23. We had a 3D printer at my old high-school, it used the same method of layering, but had some type of powder instead of plastic. It set them back like 8k though. Someone needs to create a DIY laser engraver, that would be awsome.
  24. First, Mac is a type of computer, not an operating system. And how do you plan to accomplish this? Are you going to run it as a virtual machine? Are you downloading one of the cracked .iso's? A standard copy of OS X wont work. If you need help just google "OS X x86", there are a few sites out there dedicated to the process.
  25. Are you refering to the Softrock kits? It will work with GNU Radio. Softrock is just a tranceiver front end designed to connect your SDR to the analog RF world. You can configure GNUR to work with virtually any hardware. And if GNUR isn't your cup of tea, you can always use WINE.