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  1. Really? your the dumbass saying that we should 'st4rt 0ur 0wn chapter guise!!1" edit** this is what im raging at:
  2. NO yes i mean ddosing random websites doesn't contradict at all.. heh heh..
  3. I have nothing to contribute to this dicussion, other than experience with pirating. But I love reading these thought provoking discussions. Thank you.
  4. i dare say that would be employees trolling the customers such as yourself. I prefer the digital format of movies myself. i cant believe blockbuster is still in business. i guess all the old ppl who have vcr's and and dvd players keep it running
  5. what do u mean he was making a joke.
  6. its also known as iKit. this is most of the stuff that is in here. I ran malwarebytes and took out a few malicious objects. this was months ago. I would call this the 'clean' version. I'm not sure if i the removed malicious materials is critical to some of the functionality of the programs. the version I have is 3.0 or 3.3 cant remember **edit** heug is the last file in this toolkit Uploaded with
  7. From know your meme: "The phrase was first coined in 1986 by the old man in NES action adventure game, The Legend of Zelda.The first image macro came from a picture of a meowing kitten in a hand with the original in game text placed underneath. The jpeg file contained an embedded rar that would infect computers with a suite of trolling programs. The image and concept became known as “Dangerous Kitten”." "Dangerous Kitten’s inception and creator remains unknown but according to records, general interest search began to mount in December 2006. The availability of “Dangerous Kitten” lives on with torrents of the latest version 3.0 utilizing more viruses and spyware than the original." "Soon after its initial wave of popularity, “Dangerous Kitten” found its way to meme blogs like I Can Has Cheezburgerand a t-shirt form. “Dangerous Kitten” became associated with the LOLcats movement and lead to new renditions involving other animals, weapons, and useless IRL objects. According to Macrochan, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” has spawned 54 variations."
  8. there is a kit that is hidden in a jpg, I have a copy of this after getting a link after lurking 4chan. (don't judge) I don't approve of the stuff anonymoose does. I've looked around in this kit and looking for an opinion. I did a virus scan and cleaned out a sht load of virus ect. how useful is this kit if you have experience with it, for its intent?
  9. Buying drugs. Avoiding corporate espionage. Same difference. +1
  10. not trolling here, but give me a scenario where i would need to use this, being a civilian.
  11. what about something for an adroid system. I.E. my droidX Edit: Googled it.
  12. "What they are trying to do makes perfect sense. " No, the force known as anonymous is being used. today's anonymous is not Anon V2000. anonV2010 is not right in its collective mind. [/political flame war here/]
  13. LOIC them.
  14. if only i could apply in my school....