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    I teach Physics, so that will always be my foremost passion. Forensic science, medicine. All languages, spoken, programming, or otherwise. Literature.
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  1. Fedora, Mandriva, openSuSe. Fair enough, I use openSuSE as my primary OS anyways, and dabble constantly with the others on one or the other of two smaller partitions. Been using SuSe since 4.2 back in 1996, before that it was a migration from BSD to FreeBSD.
  2. I used to visit Mininova and IsoHunt almost exclusively, but they both folded. So now it boils down to a handful of old standbys: - For the more "mature" (whatever that is supposed to mean) material. - Demonoid has been a constant for as long as I have been into P2P. - I visit and contribute to this site out of principle. - This site does a good blanket search, by checking Pirate Bay, BTJunkie, SumoTorrent, Torrent Portal,,, and Mininova per each query. Avoids the hassle of going to each site individually. Another fantastic site I used to frequent was which more than satisfied all of my reading needs, but they also lost their soul.