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  1. Ditto. And for free space on a nix machine I use the shred command.
  2. I would say: http://www.kickasstorrents.com/ and http://thepiratebay.org/ are two of the best. I use kickass for really new stuff and TPB for everything else.
  3. Interesting. It matched me with Debian, Fedora, and Kubuntu. It was probably because of the way I answered the GUI desktop questions. I'm using KDE on Arch currently, and while a may ditch KDE at some point, I think im done switching distros. Arch is where it's at for me.
  4. Lol, ageed. I'm pretty sure I was still grasping the aspect of speech at 2 years old, and im sure I couldn't read. How did I get started? I dunno, around 12 my dad got some computer, I think it ran win 3.1. He used it for the early version of "Quicken" on it mostly. I usually just played the helicopter game on it (the one were you navigate it through a cave without hitting the walls), but I was deep into console gaming back then, so I was doing that mostly. Later on, at 16, I moved in with my mother and step-dad, he had a computer with win 95 or 98 on it. And he knew a few things about computers. He kept it pass protected at first. Then one day my friend came over and wanted to try to guess the password, well he did in about 3 tries. I remember it was "for my eyes only". My step dad came home while were logged in, he was mad. But he started letting me use the computer whenever, which ended up being all the time. I usually just browsed pr0n and things like that. Search engines were not really rampant yet so you just did a www.porn.com or searched in AOL or something. But the idea of AOL, dialup, and things like that were interesting to me back then. In high school some friends of mine sort of "fell" into hacking, of course I got into, and every other counter-coulter activity in existence. Things were different back then, everybody was doing "pings of death" and doing netbios hacking. Then I moved out and wasn't online as much, and I got into hardware, as a profession and hobby. But about 4 years ago I just picked up were I left off with software and have been addicted ever since. I am self taught, and do know a little about most typical "hacking" subjects. looking back though, I think if I would have focused on one topic at a time, and not spread myself so much, I would have learned more this far.