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  1. do i need to contact PD7 and see what is up?
  2. yea i listen to OTH as well and the musical tesla coils sounded super buck! i hope you had a great time at maker faire
  3. well tl;dr so if this is solved my appologies... if the device is recognized in lspci it doesn't mean you have the drivers installed for it... if you can run iwconfig eth0 or wlan0 up (whatever the interface was assigned) try running the command iwlist scan and see if it works if it does you can manually try to connect to the internet now. use the information gathered in iwlist scan to configure you connection with iwconfig. good luck! if you are missing the driver just google around and try to find the one that supports your card. if all fails you can always default to using ndiswrapper to run the windows driver for your card.
  4. hello binrev i am a decent programmer in python and i have been using different distros of linux for the past 5 years of my life. i take interest in anything related to technology including hardware software and even physical challenges such as lockpicking. what up?