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  4. I wasn't exactly asking because of evading things from the law or doing anything illegal. Encryption for security purposes can be used for more then just hiding things so you don't get caught. lol
  5. Well, It's a good idea. Couldn't hurt anything. Most people I've heard of doing that uses TruCrypt.
  6. So, I end my discussion with this... This is my site (along with my 3 other partners). Online Crypter We have Text Encryption, Decryption, Anonymous Virus Scanner, Vulnerability Scanner, along with many more tools. There is a "Free Tools" section for those of you who think 'cost' is not good for a security. Use the tools if you'd like.
  7. Well, to stay on topic... Encryption is used to secure your data, It isn't used to secure your system. That's what AntiVirus's are for. (Not saying that you didn't know that. Just stating.) My point is (for the original topic), that using an encryption for certain things such as email conversations, I.M. conversations, files and programs can be a useful tool for "IF" you were to ever get infected. It's a security for before the fact. As far as being secure before the fact, using a simple Vulnerability Scanner helps to know what you are actually vulnerable to.
  8. MindSet: Seal knows this, look at the above quote. If you own his box via the latest Windows 0-day, full-disk encryption is not going to help. Your disk will have already been decrypted if you booted in Windows. The data is now yours. In his eyes, it's not worth it. I use full-disk encryption. I also use GPG when dealing with emails and files that I deem sensitive. Yes, I completely understand what he's saying. But, I'm talking about for security purposes, after the fact. Encryption will do nothing for you saving your passwords, then go to a random site and get infected. What I'm saying is, with it being so easy for you to get infected, securing your emails etc... wouldn't really be a bad idea. Maybe some of you don't understand how easy it is. Not sure.
  9. Well, It's not just about an extra cost for security. It's about knowing you, yourself is secure, along with your files and such that are of importance. I'm not sure about some of you, but there are certain things I would just really like to be kept 100% private. Even the most simple text encryption could help you in a way. If you think you aren't vulnerable to attacks as such as exploits, then you are highly mistaken. It only takes going to 1 site to get exploited, and the thing is, you will never even know it. Like I said, It's about knowing you are safe, secure and protected.
  10. So, you are telling us, you aren't vulnerable in anyway? Also, If you are saying that you don't hold any valuble info stored on your pc, that is very doubtful.
  11. Very much agreed. Strong point. Although I do understand it's not the solution for all security related issues, but if you are needing that extra security, I'm positive it can add that extra hmph. In my field experience from the interwebs, gaining access of others email's, i.m's or files is far too easy. If you are an everyday person, some of these things may help you, and overall, if someone was that much into protecting themselves, they should know by now to NOT save passwords. lol Later in the thread, I'll reveal my reason of topic.
  12. Hi, I've made my way here by searching google. I must say, quite a nice forum. Aside from that, let's get on topic. For my first post, I'd like to ask you... What is your view on Encryption, Decryption for security related purposes? How well are you secure? Everyone uses an instant messenger, are your convo's encrypted? Do you protect your files with an encryption? Alot of times, you are vulnerable to attacks and not even realise it. Email accounts can be taken over and all your convo's etc... can be easily readable. Are you encrypting the text in your conversations?