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  1. Apparently our good friend Alan can. It's really cool to witness. Ask him the next time we all hang out again, man. Hopefully at another meeting when the weather looks up.
  2. Enjoy the huge shipping costs to Canada.
  3. haha, that was great!
  4. Well, I've never used the script so I can't tell you why it isn't working. It might just be busted. Did you change the mail server part? $teXt = Net::SMTP->new('')|| die print "Cannot connect to specified mail server\n\n"; #you technically don't have to use this server, but it works, so don't change it $teXt->mail(''); $teXt->to("$host$prov[$num]"); It could just be that earthlink is blocking you. Try your ISP's mail server... and prepare for a TOS violation e-mail. Or find some open mail servers that let you send messages through...
  5. On the @prov = (' section replace it with cell numbers @ the carrier list I have available here: Have fun!
  6. x64, I've gone ahead and added this to the latest Nettwerked Radio [2.0] episode. The archive will be available within the next 24 hours at I gave you full credit and also made reference to this specific url. This new episode is a lot more interactive. It includes voicemail, conferencing, and will soon offer interviews as well. I'm trying to diversify it a little; some political talk, phone phreaking discussions, independent music, and everything in between to get a broader audience. Cheers. - The Clone
  7. If you still can't figure out that people don't appreciate your presence, I'm not going to stop you. Just remember, you've been banned from both HackCanada and Binrev IRC networks, and belittled and laughed at by a good number of people out there. HOLY SHIT d00d .. How do you get banned from HackCanada???? Because The Clone thinks he is a stupid kid, end of story. And no you are not going to be unbanned any time soon. No, you'll get more respect when you stop acting like a desperate n00b all the time. Look, we all started in phone phreaking at one time as newbies... hell, I've been involved in phreaking for a little over 10 years now, and there are still things I'm learning, things I've forgotten over the years and have been forced to relearn - (taking a 2 year long hiatus to focus on running a telephone company can do that to you). Instead of writing posts like this, and instead of trying to get the love and respect from others on IRC, why don't you just keep quiet for a while, start actually DOING things, and when you're finished, present it to the community. We all have been more than patient with you over the last several months. Hell, I even told you if you managed to scan 10,000 #s by your birthday in May, I'll personally give you my Telus lineman's handset. Who else here would do such a thing? Not many I can guess. You're not the type of person to take people's advice - I learned this a long time ago. So keep on doing what you're doing, and maybe by the time you grow up you'll actually be a pretty cool guy to know. Unfortunately for you by that time all of us would have shunned you, and you won't be welcomed here. p.s. Hi binrev!
  8. Translated loosely: Why pay someone else when you can do-it-yourself? Or even better, pay someone else! Am I missing something? I have to admit that I've never seen nettwerked calling cards before but the rates are cheap. I'd imagine that as soon as they get a toll-free the rates will go up. If not I'd really be curious who they are using for both origination and termination. ← -- We'll be offering our toll free calling cards at 3.8 cents a minute, so yes the prices will be going up. There are no connection fees, expiration, or hidden costs involved. Just pure 100% pre-paid goodness.