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  1. True...I tried setting up NMap recently and I swear it looks different compared to what it once looked like and I had it setup and open...Now I have no idea how to set it up... And I don't really have the time to be reading through the entire setup =\ I would first of all try zenmap which is just a gui for nmap. will help you out.
  2. I know that some external PSU's for power outages involve installing software for monitoring the PSU, could this be the case?
  3. I have used OPHCrack in the past, but it isn't reliable enough for me. The one that works 100% for me is Offline NT Password Cracker. Offline NT Cracker can make any account passwords blank. Just be careful with it, but don't be scared to use it either.
  4. Actually Macs are great for software dev, any server role and audio/video/graphics. The only drawback is that Mac only comes with Chess.