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  1. IBTL! Why don't you try playing with Damn Vulnerable Linux Or the De-ICE pentest cd's Both provide a safe, legal environment for you to test your m4d sk1llz
  2. I agree - much faster than VNC for me, and no need to setup a separate ssh tunnel. Check it out.
  3. Marketing is a pretty big component of B2B sales (if that's what they're aiming at)
  4. I like it - and thank god the site finally got a redesign... edit: PS luminaire nice avatar
  5. great list and helpful info as always! thanks ticom
  7. You can try using the htpasswd program first to generate the file: Here's another decent overview:
  8. Well the problem with leaving telnet open is that it's unencrypted, meaning passwords and usernames are passed in plain text over the network, making it trivial to sniff if you're on the same LAN. If you're looking for specific vulnerabilities in telnet servers, check out
  9. If you want to just apply skins/themes to make your windows PC look like a Mac (For whatever reason...) just google for "aqua xp" and things like that. there are plenty of different guides out there. If you want to try a totally different shell for windows to make things look and behave different, try blackbox for windows ( or litestep.
  10. Good find!
  11. I wish there was a similar project with gnome...but that's just me being lazy But yeah I agree, the hardcore BSD'ers probably get all twitchy seeing this "easy to use" version for the "masses" in a desktop distro, but I found it to be stupid simple to get running, install more software, etc. Good to check out if you pjeer RTFM (Reading The FreeBSD Manual)
  12. Excellent post as usual! thanks ticom!
  13. wow, totally a "pre-coffee" morning mistake. sorry about that!
  15. It's just a northern california thing. ← Wow, I thought everyone had popcorn. I remember way back in the day you could call it at 4:20 and hear people laughing and taking bong hits. ← twas "SPRINGS" when I was in CT