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  1. Hey, it happens, that i've need to trace a mobile phone, don't really trust her that much.. Android GT i-5500, i've did hard reset for her phone, when she forgot her slide code, and few days ago she asked me to upgrade her android OS. I have her Mobile internet IP, her number, and full access to her phone, and she does not understand a thing about them. I've had some thoughts on writing my on spyware, but it didn't succeed. Is there anyways to spy on her? Calls, messages, trace her ? I've got a feeling she erases her messages and calls. Can't seem to find any free spyware, and wouldn't want to invest money for a one time thing. Thanks in advance! : ) KinG : )
  2. Hey, how do ya'll find these numbers? What are the uses, and are they free?(Im from Lithuania)
  3. Hello, im really interested in phone phreaking, im from Lithuania, no one really knows phone phreaking. The question is:how do you scan all those ANAC,ANI numbers and stuff? what soft do you use? is it free or is it something like VOIP and stuff? help the n00b please.Im really interested but dunno from where to start.
  4. Hello fellow phreakers, i live in Lithuania, Vilnius, and we have a few payphones in the city, Landis and Gyr Pulsar 50 model: Security that the phone has is only: SAM module and anti-wiring shit so it means that you cant wire the cards. In the late 90's, somewhere 97 when Telekomas(the provider) had Analog Trunks, Pulsar 50's had a bug where you lift the whole payphone a lil bit up and push it to the left or right(dunno), u get the Pin Code Asking, it looked like this in lil LCD monitor: [PIN CODE ? : ] [ ] u just write 3707 and u get the MENU, where u can change language, get payphone ID, and stuff, i guess it still runs on REMAS system. Now whe have digital lines and shit, the trick doesnt work anymore, so im wondering, is there any boxes left that would work to do something? or can i get in the menu somehow? Im thinkin' of PBX hacking, but that would be in a later time. Sorry for bad english, lol, just need some answers fellow phreakers. Im really new to this whole phreaking scene, just knew some tricks and tips that worked in the early/late 90's when phreakers in Lithuania existed.