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  1. ill charge up my old vzw razr and see if it works
  2. u3 uninstaller trust me Download U3 Uninstaller from Softpedia
  3. i believe there is a python script that will relay dialed digits to the gv click to call then answers the call in Astrix, you could connect an ata ...problem solved
  4. you can use sip with gizmo5 username=username password=password voila gizmo works with any sip phone
  5. in a school environment every single stick would be pluged in, by a student if not by a teacher to find out whos it is to return it. just go ahead put a text file in the main directory that says "If found please return to ________ in room _______" just put in the network admin he'll get it, plug it in ..BOOM whole network is compromised because he is admin!
  6. when it clicks its a noise simalar to an old tape loop, it clicks when it restarts the loop
  7. i dont have to money for long distance so if google voice closes im done for i wont be able to call confs or anyone so i hope old customers are grandfathered in
  8. we all knew this would happen because goog411 was to improve Google's voice recognition. what will happen to our prank calls? How will we find business's with ease? The Google says goog411 will be closing November 12, 2010. we shall all weep as this great service is annihilated.
  9. you could activate it on page plus just pm me the stuff and ill activate it 4 free it come with 2 buck credit on it too
  10. i had this idea, usb stands for universal serial bus right? so how hard would it be to build a serial to usb adapter and turn that unused serial port into a usb or two? i have very little money (no job) so it would be hella cool if someone could come up with a direct connection(that would be too easy) but i am willing to spend a few bucks n00blet
  11. i was playing with my capture card and tuned to channel one and it was a windows 98 desktop and it opened a old western video and it played 1940s westerns for about 5 hours and blue screen and the it went back to static here in Ohio we have never had a channel one ....cable pirate? it happens every night (except the blue screen)
  12. sorry to play voodoo with this thread but are there and Ohio phreaks left? neither of the link in this thread work, Ive been trying to get a hold of t3st.s3t for a while but with no luck. phreaking is fun but it is a lot more phun with a fellow phreak and those are not exactly abundant in Ohio