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  1. Yes, you heard right. Clientx is back and offering more than any other pbx system out there. We completely re-done our menu's, system layout, and voice mail options. We also have added some cool new features to our conference rooms. If you new that's okay because we are looking for some new blood with talent to join us in chat. We are a group of hackers looking to venture and share knowledge in a more fashionable way. We call up the BRIDGE and talk about technology related interests from computers, programming, software engineering, VOIP, telephony and IP-PBX systems, and radio just to name some of the topics of conversation here. You can all us up anytime 24/7 and go option 2 off the main menu for the clientx chat room. We do not have a set schedule so feel free to call in whenever! There is always usually someone around or just wait for others to join. Clientx was also featured in 2600 magazine for 4 straight months. We are a group tying to expand and keep it within our related fields and interested as phone phreakers and hackers. So if you want to learn more and join our community call our clientx switch @ 425-406-4629 then choose option 2 off the main menu. Also we are offering FREE voicemail with our system. If you want a mailbox go to our website at