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  1. I think it's childish to disband a business over an argument. As far as I'm concerned they stole my subscription money. I got one issue and some kind of a metal credit card thing.
  2. I own it and don't feel it's worth the cost. IMHO, While it's good to watch once for content you could also read up on it online. The visuals are less then compelling and it was edited together the best it could be. I just don't think the footage was great to begin with. I'm glad they made it, I would watch it if I were you, buy it if you don't know someone who has it. In the documentary's defense, it was not shot and directed by Seal
  3. I would love to attend and since it's come up a few weeks back every Sunday I've been debating on showing up. I have no previous experience with the scene so I'm not worried about the past. I'm just at the busiest I've ever been and thus have not been able to show up. Since there has not been a set date I've had the mentality for the last month that there is always next week.
  4. I'm looking forward to finding anyone camping next week to point and laugh at them.
  5. That is how most areas do it. Unless the total number of absentee ballots are close or more than the gap in the vote then they are not counted. I'm watching the documentary on google vid for free now, no need for HBO. Seems to have the same stuff as this article. The central server being a modem pool with XP and an Access Database. Now that's a fucking joke. Unencrypted Access database. They weren't even trying.
  6. Don't forget that while you control your VPS, it is only virtual and is running on top of an OS that may be insecure, thus I don't think that you can say that a VPS is more secure than shared hosting. Both solutions are just software running on top of an OS you have no control over.
  7. Will definetly look out for that. But you have to agree that is an insane deal if it is for real. GIJoe is right about that. They know that 99.99% of people who sign up will never use anything close to that amount of resources. You also have to sign up for 2 years, which sucks if you end up not likely the service for some reason you still have to fork over the $120 in total. Sure you get all that space, but you'll probably end up with 0.5% of CPU time on that box. With that, hosting a site like BinRev would suck since it would incredibly slow. With hosting there is always a gimmick, a work, or a shoot when it comes to the deal. There has to be for a company to make lots of money doing it. Find a company that is just looking to make a small amount of cash in hosting and then you will find a deal.
  8. One 1900 series switch and a couple 2500 routers should get you going.
  9. That is a kick ass zine. I'm getting more interested in survival by the day....
  10. I'm in!!!
  11. Nce article, Seal. The problem with the youth and priacy won't be solved with allowing them to purchase the music. I doubt that teens would purchase music if they could since most don't have a source of income. What little legal income they do have will most likely be watched over by a parent and thus put into other things like car insurance, college fund, etc. The other thing about teens is that they usually don't have a strong fear of the law, or care to research what may be illegal. Why would someone legally pay $50 for 50 songs when can have an unlimited amount for free while they only make $100 a week before taxes and have no fear of the law. It seems to me that the problem goes farther than purchasing power.
  12. heh, after hearing us Mr. White is never going to want to go to a UG lol Actually, knife fighting sounds exciting! I"ve always got my knife on me. RightCoast - by CUG, do mean the connecticut user group, these guys?
  13. Lately I've been thinking about visiting some of the user groups in my area. I've heard alot about BinRev groups and 2600 groups, I'm talking more about LUGs, perl groups, mac groups, mysql groups. A lot of the groups I've found in the area have these dated, horrible looking websites which lead me to wonder if the groups are even worth visiting. I just have visions of these groups filled with old geeks that could probably careless about the particular technology they are getting together to discuss. I know that experiences differ by group, but in general what groups do you guys participate in and what do you get out of it?
  14. For passwords I can't rememeber I use a textfile that's encrypted on a Truecrypt volume.
  15. I agree with Ponyboy's definition of hacker media. I don't think that the content has to be technical in nature, just related to hacking in someway. With FBill, we are more likely to make dick and fart jokes mixed with star wars references and talks about the feds than to give you any kind of usable technical information. We are, however, rooted in tech which is probably why droops listed us on hacker media. Thanks for listing us by the way. I say if you think that something may be enjoyed by at least a few people even if it isn't hardcore tech, put it up on the site. We can individually go through the content and figure out what we like. I'd rather listen to something new and discard it than never listen to it at all.