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  1. I thought it was pretty funny at least...
  2. JUst letting you know that I made another account and bought a laptop today!
  3. You should read my original post again. If you've already read it and are trying to make a point that what I did doesn't warrant a suspension; I agree. Just for trying to settle a dispute, you have to go through a bunch of stuff to get your account active again. I did read your original post. I guess I am in agreeance with you that I don't see why that would warrant a suspension. I've had disputes like this with paypal before as well, but they've never suspended my account over it. When these disputes were active, I could still use my account as before. Ebay itself is another story. I have been suspended there a couple of times, and like you said about paypal they wanted all kinds of ridiculous information to reinstate the account. All of this without an implicit guarantee of renewing my account. So, I had to do what a lot of others have had to do when faced with their draconian policies: open up other bank accounts, and set up new paypal accounts as well. An option you could consider would be to open a banking account, and use that account's Visa debit card to institute another Paypal account. I believe you should be able to open a checking account as a minor. Just make sure you get an account without monthly fees. Granted, if you do go this route, you are technically violating their terms of service, but since they screw people over all the time with these practices, I personally don't have an ethical issue with doing this. Good luck, and let us know how it goes Great post. On friday I am going to open up my own checking account. You get a debit card when you open up a checking account?
  4. You should read my original post again. If you've already read it and are trying to make a point that what I did doesn't warrant a suspension; I agree. Just for trying to settle a dispute, you have to go through a bunch of stuff to get your account active again.
  5. just letting you know that that card you linked to is for a tungsten. Which looks like this: a WEE bit different than a desktop PC. You will have a hard time finding a desktop pci card that doesn't have an antenna. To answer your question: If you are in your house and wondering if you have wifi, go to your router and see if there is an antenna sticking out of it. It's most likeley a wifi router and that means taht you "have wifi". Unfortunately, you need something to receive the signals, and that's where the card comes that you linked to. That card is good if you have a tungsten. But I thought we were talking about wifi cards for PCs, so you will need one like droops linked to. You're not going to be able to know if you have wifi unless you have something that can detect it. You can get a little wifi detector at computer stores for (hopefully) less than a wifi card and then just return it to the store after you are done with it.
  6. But the only thing that will be the same is the address.
  7. Well I got suspended from paypal. Now if I want to get my service back I have to send in ALL SORTS of information about myself to paypal such as proof of adress, utility bills, drivers license copies....way too much stuff for a little dispute like I had. I'm not about to go to the trouble of copying all sorts of papers and faxing them to these people - so here's my plan: the paypal acct. that's suspended is under my mom's name. could I go to the moneybox or one of the stores like that and get a temporary credit card under MY NAME. Then sign up for an account on paypal under my name with my new temp. credit card and use it as if it was a new account? The problem is; I'm at the same address as my parents so they might see that both are the same and not let me sign up because "someone with this address is already signed up for an account." Any ideas? I'm not old enough to get a real credit card, and I need to purchase a laptop off of ebay. For all you curious people out there who want to know why I got suspended in the first place: I sold a processor that worked perfectly Listed in my auction that I won't accept returns because electronics like these (especially processors) are sketchy. The guy got it and said that it didn't work, he wanted to return. I pointed him to the auction again and showed him no returns. He went to paypal; paypal decided he gets to return the item for a full refund. I agree, and he sends the processor back burnt around the edges and with a processor pin missing. THerefore, the processor will no longer work. So, I sent it back and waited anther few weeks for paypal to decide what happens. He gets half of his money back and I get the processor back. So here I sit with a broken processor and only half of the money I was supposed to get for it. I hate paypal. Too bad you pretty much have to use it for ebay.
  8. I'm not sure since I haven't tried obtaining IPs by aim in a long time. But as z2a said earlier, buy a cheap website and send them the URL. Tell 'em it's something really cool. When they get to your blank page and are like um...what's so cool about this? Then you know they went there. Then just check the logs and you have their IP. I've done it that way many times.
  9. Hey man! Yeah, you will definately see me in IRC again, just not as often. My summer this year is like a half-summer because I'm taking dual credit classes at a community college to get ahead for high school and I am being forced to work by my parents =/. Hopefully it's not too stressful, but I will try to get on IRC as much as possible.
  10. I think they've changed a lot. Yes, quite a bit. (rtfm nub) hmm. and I can see that binrev hasn't changed a bit.
  11. So yeah. I got a new laptop, and now that school is over I will be able to dedicate some of my time towards alternative OSs like I did last summer. Last summer, I basically wandered around (as far as distrobutions/OSs go) and tried to find one that I really loved. I really ended up liking FreeBSD, but know that distrobutions change. My other alternative is slackware. So my question is: How has slackware or FreeBSD changed since May of last year?
  12. This is so wrong it's not even funny. Arctic silver takes about a week to set and it should NEVER leak. Have you even felt the substance? "leaky" is most definately not how it feels. You shouldn't even use enough to stick out of the sides of your heatsink. I love arctic silver, and have used it on many builds.
  13. Yes, god forbid one should actually make open-source software more attractive to businesses so that it gets used instead of Windows. ← I lol'd.
  14. jesus christ r3c0n calm down...You insulted him, his site, and his work. Calling prank calls immature is pointing a finger at everyone that has ever been on phreakphactor.
  15. Ok...just got around to reading this. Thanks everyone for your help. Especailly rightcoast, as I am going to research that BartPE discs when I get the time. MaximumPC boasts about them all the time. As for anyone else interested; just go to geektools.com. THey have extremely slow download speeds, but a lot of neat tools. And they also specify if it's freeware, shareware, etc..