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  1. a good starter distro would maybe me fedora core 4, suse, ubuntu, or a live cd.
  2. I've released random radio episode 4.5. its not officially 5 because I am without a co-host in this episode but its still worth a listen. head on over to to grab the episode and make sure to check out our forums over at Enjoy! And send comments to: or
  3. heh, would you be intereseted in getting randomradio on there too?
  4. Yes ok! Everybody, we now have our domain set up and ready to go! Please, go and leave comments and check out the site. It still needs some work done on it and im kindof questioning the template a little bit but for now, its up and its a fuctional website! Go check it out!
  5. Hey everyone. Just wanted to announce that Random Radio episode 4 has been released! Its available here Please go check out our website and PLEASE we beg of you... Email your comments to
  6. We're squeezing these things out like mad. Enjoy! And please send comments to
  7. Yeah that was annoying. it happens in both episodes. PS> We will be releasing episode 3 on sunday unless we have plans (pff yeah right)
  8. Visit the site.. crappy site.
  9. Do you mean like, listening in on other people's phone calls? or people listening on toyour cell phone calls or something?
  10. Here's random radio episode 1 everyone! First off. sorry about the rumbling, fried_fry was moving the mic alot, it wont happen again. And second, the email adress for comments is NOT that was taken, the adress for comments is PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS WE WANT TO HEAR THEM! NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE! (if negative though, leave constructive criticism please ) Thanks alot guys, Enjoy!
  11. Got it. Thanks alot
  12. Im a bit of a noob here. How do i upload on the ftp? I know some commands and stuff and i know how to log into it but i dont know how to upload my episodes. By the way, thank you so much for hosting these droops. So if anybody could let me know how i would go about uploading my show onto the ftp server that would be awesome. Thanks guys.
  13. How should i upload the episodes?
  14. Yeah i checked that out but theres no contact information on the site.
  15. Hey there. On behalf of myself and fried_fry, we are happy to present Random Radio. Its a radio show about random tech things and the like. The only problem is that we need a place to host it. We've got an episode ready for release but when we try hosting it on a place like angelfire or geocities, it takes so so long to load so... Im kindof out of ideas. Any ideas?