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  1. when you guys quote all i see is a white box.. is this normal? or is this because i am on chrome?
  2. by the way... this is my intent. lots of poeple on a motorcycle forum i go to post a lot of dumb shit online, i want to show them that they need to watch what they post and this would be a perfect example of this. i think the two subjects in the picture are swamp donkeys so i assure you that you wont see me on CNN and find out that these two girls heads were in my fridge or anything like that. i tired to explain it to these guys nice and they called me dork nerd and virgin so now i want to give them a little wake up call.
  3. now lets say for example someone where to post a link like this is there anyway to get the facebook profile from that? if so how? if not why? thank you for taking the time to read/answer my dumb question.