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  1. please excuse me, typo it's abloy not abeco i recently purchased a fortress phone at an antique store near where i live sold as is (although it is not an antique phone). my problem is that it came with the t-key and one key for the abloy locks, the top lock opens fine the key turns in the bottom lock but doesn't seem to disengage the lock all the way so i cannot use the t-key to open the bottom. so i was wondering if you know any way to open the bottom/unlock the lock without having to call a locksmith or pay out the ass to have it opened or damage the phone(i already looked at some abloy websites and it seems drilling is out of the question). picking tutorials for abloy payphone locks? any other ideas? sorry, i don't own a camera currently so i can't take pictures at the moment. but it looks like this one i found
  2. not that i know of other than the 2600 meeting and possibly a LUG in portland. I have also been looking for a meeting to go to in or near Astoria, I can't currently dedicate the time to creating one myself but if you do just do it and advertise a lot and i'm sure somebody will show up.
  3. decent rates signal quality only contacts me if i ask them to or if something gets messed up really bad (my current phone company spams alot) doesn't sell my dox to other companies no filtering no logging my traffic easy to get a hold of if something does happen trains employees on good security practices pays me to fix their computer machines
  4. what ranges are left undone?
  5. preatty much every major branch of the U.S. government has a program where you work for them and they pay for your college. and like Abhayaa said there is always job corps, but you have to complete at least one of their vocations before they will let you into the ACT program (college).
  6. it is not on my network, sorry i know i was a little vague
  7. the ip has been doing DOS attacks against the computers on my network for short periods of time for several weeks now and i was wondering if anyone knew of a way to stop it because i seem to not be able to. i have already reported it to my isp and they just told me to log everything and email it to them in about a month. i reported it to OrgAbuseHandle: IANA-IP-ARIN OrgAbuseName: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number OrgAbusePhone: +1-310-301-5820 also and they claimed that the ip wasn't even being used so i must be mistaken, even thought it replies to pings. and yes it does take up all of my bandwidth so i can't connect at all when they are doing it.
  8. making less money reverse engineering people cheating/modding
  9. it looks like it's 317.278.1329 to me
  10. can i have a copy of Upgrading and repairing PC's, or they all spoken for?
  11. don't call direct because some people might do dumb things (like pretending to be a cop and getting a real cop to detain an innocent person) also it is usually a good idea to avoid the main PLA bridges
  12. i recently tried a program called XBLKg_free_trialcard that is supposed to make free 2 month trials for xbox live and it of course turned out to be a virus thatr collects info. and sends it to so i did a whois search and got ID #: 142 MoD number: 20050820092022 Status: inactive Orientation: Spawn of Finsbury Park Mosque Type: Multi-Media: Promotion of Jihad, Martyrdom, Etc. Site: IP addresses: Domain Name Whois: Creation date: 08/29/03 15:57:48 Expiration date: 08/29/04 15:57:48 Registrant Contact: 357Hosting A. R. ( +31.031627485091 FAX: +31.031627485091 Postbox 674 Nieuwegein, UTRECHT 3430 AR NL Administrative Contact: 357Hosting A. R. ( +31.031627485091 FAX: +31.031627485091 Postbox 674 Nieuwegein, UTRECHT 3430 AR NL Billing Contact: 357Hosting A. R. ( +31.031627485091 FAX: +31.031627485091 Postbox 674 Nieuwegein, UTRECHT 3430 AR NL Technical Contact: 357Hosting A. R. ( +31.031627485091 FAX: +31.031627485091 Postbox 674 Nieuwegein, UTRECHT 3430 AR NL Site Summary: Formerly a site dedicated to Abu Hamza Al Masri and multi-media celebrations of Islamist terrorism. i was just wondering if anyone had anymore info about this virus.
  13. does anyone know of some good books i could get for free
  14. pinky (similar to finger) dtmfkit-1.0 hakin9 (and all the tools included in the distro) fedora core
  15. Thanks man but these don't read ANI they read CN Charge Number I pulled additional routing info about them if anyone cares. Late agh I know ppl are going to be all "Not ANI" bleg but whatever its true. ← why don't you just use 1866myaniis for an ani number