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  1. I tried this today and it actually worked for me!
  2. Im going to HOPE and DefCon this year...
  3. What version of Debian is this? Sarge 3.1? Like other have said, reinstall it on battery power, so there is no risk of the power going out.
  4. I just got back from DC the other day, beautiful city. I wont be able to go, I am spending my money on a plane ticket to Las Vegas...I am going to CES 2006.
  5. Hackers have great senses of humor!
  6. Middle School... I remember when a Cisco IOS exploit came out around...2 weeks before school let out for summer. I was in 8th grade at the time...and really didnt care for my school (I absolutely hated it). Well as you know...end of 8th grade everyone wants to do their so called "end of the year prank". After reading up on the vuln, as well as Cisco Commands and Cisco ACL rules, I decided to be a smart ass for all the bullshit the school gave me... --Two Weeks Later-- Last day of school came around, brought in my laptop. Port scanned their routers found out telnet is open... I was able to successfully exploit their router to find the hash, decrypted the hash, logged into the router through telnet. Basically I owned their systems...fucked around with their ACL's...Denied all HTTP, POP/SMTP and other traffic for important school functions... Later on that day I was called to the office...yatta yatta yatta...after bullshit from the network admins, school admins, top-level county network admins, etc. I was let go on account of me showing them how to fix and secure their network...LOL -- Those were the fun days in middle school, I always used to do alot of shit and got away with all of it...
  7. [*URL=www.haxt.net/metasploit.exe]heres metasploit framework 2.2[/url*] May wanna lookup on your tags =) Metasploit Framework Is the URL to the Official Metasploit Framework website
  8. I like Debian, I am running Debian Sarge on a few of my servers. Currently I am downloading the images of Suse Linux 9.3 so I can mess around in there, I heard it is very nice.
  9. "How to Hack" is located here: http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8381
  10. Also, try degaussing your monitor - that is, if your monitor has the capability to do so.
  11. Where in the UK are you located? My Nan and Grandad live in Blackpool, I go each summer to visit for a few weeks.
  12. http://www.howstuffworks.com/c.htm is a great site. "C Programming" By Larry Ullman & Marc Liyanage is also a very good book. I bought it from Borders book store.
  13. Yeah I know, check out the comments on slashdot too http://hardware.slashdot.org/hardware/05/09/07/1241216.shtml
  14. http://www.frsirt.com/
  15. It is fake...and some crappy photoshopping skills. I wouldnt even call that photoshop, more like Windows Paint.