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  1. Hrmph. DDoS isn't "hacking" and it's lame. Botnets can be interesting, but not for what you want to do (malicious activity). You'd be better off spending your time on better ventures. IE - "real hacking". There's a ton of ways you can get involved which don't involve destruction and disturbance of services. Hardware hacking, System & network security, etc.
  2. A bit more details on the sofware (iincluding screen shots) can be found at:
  3. That's the problem with conference. It seems to me that when people call in, if they don't immediately hear someone, they hang up! You're best bet is to hang around for 10 minutes and wait for someone to join. It remind me of IRC.. someone comes into a #channel, asks a question. They wait 30 seconds, then leave the channel because "nobody" answered.
  4. Dealing with AT command sets is pretty straight forward (I wrote the needed to be updated iWar). As JFalcon pointed out, just because the cell can use AT command sets does not mean it can operate as a true "modem". When I say "modem", I'm referring to old school definition. Also, don't take what JFalcon is saying so dang hostile! He's simply questioning how the software works. Calm down. I've known JFalcon for many, many years now and he's probably one of the most knowledgeable be I know on the subject of Telecommunications. The guys _literally_ builds GSM networks/cell networks _for fun_. (OpenBTS/NanoBTS... look it up). So don't write him off simply because he has a couple of questions. It's all good! Aside from that, iWar does need to be updated sorely, but it'll deal just fine with AT command sets. It's also open source. Have a good one.
  5. Your best bet is to hit the snorby forums or irc channel ( Mephux - the author of snorby usually hangs out there with various other people that can probably help
  6. is still around and has been running free confs for years
  7. After a bit of a hiatus, The Teleprheak BBS is back online. If you like old school style BBS'ing and shooting the shit about strange tech crap, the you might want to check it out. To reach the Telephreak BBS, simply ssh to "" as the user "bbs" (no password is required). ssh Let me know if you have any problems or questions.
  8. It's back online. If you SSH to (as user bbs), you should be able to get back on.
  9. Sorry for the delay. I suspect it'll be back up soon. R0d3nt is moving the server to a new location and I'll pop it up back there. Once i do, I'll make sure and post here when it's back up.
  10. Thanks everyone for the responses. I'm not a pfSense user, so I doubt I'll be doing that write up any time soon
  11. Hello all, I've just released a new paper called, "Building wireless IDS systems using open source". The idea is to detect network level attacks using software like Snort, and layer 2 (wireless level) attacks using Kismet. Sagan brings it all together. Please check it out and let me know what you think. That article is at: Thanks!
  12. The video is also up on SecurityTube! Woo. Love those guys. The link is:
  13. Howdy all, I've been working on a project for a while called "Sagan". Basically, Sagan is a correlation engine that can take Intrusion Detection/Prevention and log (syslog/snmptrap) information and correlate it down into one console. I was asked to give a presentation at the Jacksonville, Florida Northeast Florida ISSA. The below is a link to the video of that presentation, as well as documentation (PDF of the presentation, etc). It basically goes over the ideas and methodologies we used to write Sagan, and future support we plan on adding in. The link is at: Please check it out if your interested in this type of thing. Sagan is completely open source (GNU/GPL v2). Thanks!
  14. Made it to the wonderful hotel penn! Anyways, if any one wants to hit me up, my GV number is (904) 270-9230.
  15. One more video. This time, I'm having iWar go for speed. The call duration is a max of 45 seconds with CNAM database support disabled. There is no delay between spawning threads. In the last video, I had a 1 seconds delay between threads with CNAM lookups enabled. This is about 120 numbers dialed. This is using 50 threads.