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  1. Switched to Opera a few months back from firefox (just a bit curious to try it). I haven't switched back since. Chrome is nice, but it's not for me.
  2. Is BT4 still what most people use for a CD bootable Linux? I haven't used one it a long long time (the last one I used was Auditor or something like that).
  3. Imgburn is my favourite to burn Iso (and related) files, Daemontools to run them
  4. Hey, I'm not that much of a stranger to torrent but I just became a member of a and for some reason all my uploads are yellow (I'm using Vuze classic GUI) which indicates a NAT problem. However other torrents I'm uploading are just fine and they are from private trackers (such as Demonoid par example). Anyone have any ideas thanks , BTM_24
  5. Thanks Snow, I just went into the sources.list "sudo touch /etc/apt/sources.list" & "sudo kate /etc/apt/sources/list" and changed the the dev cdrom name from "[Kubuntu 7.04 _Feisty_Fawn_(20070419)]" -> "[Kubuntu 7.04 i386]" # deb cdrom:[Kubuntu 7.04 i386]/ feisty main restricted deb cdrom:[Kubuntu 7.04 i386]/ feisty main restricted thanks again
  6. i did the "sudo apt-get install g++" it required the Ubuntu disk but would not recognize it once in the drive it gave me the "please insert CD labeled ubuntu ...." i tried rebooting and trying it with a mounted .iso still the same thing. i also did the "sudo apt-get install samba" and it read and recognized the ubuntu 7.04 disk no problem installed quick snap. so am just looking for the binaries now just to avoid the disk all together.
  7. hey y'all, oke am sorry for such a basic question bust where can i download a g++ (or any other c++ compiler) binary. I checked the gnu gcc website and all of the host they have listed for linux binaries didn't work. I also tried installing gcc from my linux disc (ubuntu 7.04) but it doesn't recognize the disc. which is odd cause it recognized it for when i needed it to install samba. I also tried google and live search with little success. thanks in advanced.
  8. Thank you all for your input once again. I have decided to convert all music to mp3, and if i can like seal said make a flac backup of it. thanks again, batman_24
  9. oke, am rather new to all the formats that are out there as far as audio goes. My problem is which to choose. I have 22.5Gb of music now and a 30Gb ipod(I would rather have a zune) I encode most of my cds as 320kb/s mp3 and the rest as lossless wma. however I recently got a about 3gb of flac audio (i woun't say how but you can guess). I converted the flac to 320kb/s mp3 as well and added it to my music libray. the question i have is should i convert all the flac and CDs I have to .wav so they all can play on my ipod (the wma lossless woun't play). Also i am concered about space, .wav files are beastly in size ~30mb per song compared to wma lossless at ~15 or mp3(320kb/s) at ~8mb. thanks for any input you have, batman24
  10. don't go to cheap i put some Viking into my computer (2x 512), and my computer always when I put it under high stress or running alot of apps or a video games will lock up and crash. I replaced the ram with some Kingston tec and my comp works fine now. both the Ram chips where the exact same specs and everything. also if apple does this read the apple manual because some motherboards are will not accept all brands of memory (useally there is no problem).
  11. oke my 2 cents, i say C++ or C. people say that they are hard to learn but with a good but and some work its not difficult at all. you can find free compilers (Microsoft offers visual express C++ for free as well as Visual express C#). only you can say what is best for you and what language is best for you. try some out learn a bit of each (for example a hello world app) just to get you toes wet a bit. i know microsoft has some C# tut videos that aren't too bad. I personaly don't know that much of (basicly none) Python so i can't say how it compares to C++, C, C#.
  12. nice find dylan. if that didn't work or if anyone else has this problem and can't find their DVD player on google, i think zal91's idea works best. AnyDVD can get rid of any copy right and protection making it region free and the like. However if you have a lot of DVDs that you want to watch, i know they make multi region DVD players for about $50 USD
  13. Nicely said Minion, nicely said indeed
  14. didn't work on mine i have Windows XP pro X64 fully up-to-date
  15. it seems bloated problly 'cause of the GUI. It is very easy to use for people new to Linux. I use it, I find that i can do everything that i want easly on it.