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  1. Amen.
  2. Afraid I prefered the old site... this one looks a bit corporate, like you're trying to sell me something
  3. Well, a VPN is just a virtual private network, which tunnels through the internet so you can access the network remotely... so yeah, I guess there's no reason why you couldn't spoof a VPN tunnel and encrypt it. But then, network security isn't my strong suit.
  4. Hi, I had a quick look at your site, interesting but my poor eyes can't handle the red-on-black Good to have you on the forum
  5. Yeah we love you droops too bad I live in the UK... and hell, I got a T2 connection
  6. Wifi ranges are very unreliable for gauging... one piece of advice I have is to put the wifi up in spring/summer - tree leaves could block the signal, believe it or not (I've been there at my school!), and if you put the wifi up in autumn/winter, you'll never know!
  7. Of course, many schools take away user privelages as regards commands on the prompt. In my old school, all the commands were banned to normal users and you couldn't search around the directory structure. Then again, I worked with the admins on that stuff...
  8. I'm not surprised. Depending on the file size of that audio file, that means some serious memory hogging.
  9. erm... yeah, sorry, I knew that I'm guessing that was just a misrememberification on my part... And the md5 sum is fine.
  10. Fluxbox?
  11. Yeah, it's definitely booting first from the CDROM - I've managed to put on RedHat 5.2 (hehe, a verrry old CD, and it doesn't come with a GUI so is not much use for me right now). It just won't boot slackware. Is there any way I can force it to boot without a floppy? edit: Oh, and I'm shocked that you would think that I could be THAT stupid
  12. Hi guys, I've decided to run Slackware 10.2 on my PII 233Mhz machine. yeah, I know, crap specs but I am merely a poor student. However, I have no idea how to actually boot the ISO off the CD. I've just downloaded the ISOs off a slackware mirror, burned them onto CD (yes, I have done this bit correctly, ie. decompressed the actual ISO then put the contents onto CD). I shove the CD in the drive when I boot the computer up, and... nothing. Now, I'm aware that I need to use some kind of boot image, but how do I do this? Also, I don't currently have a working floppy drive (long story, involving a brother and jamming disks the wrong way round into the drive :growl: ). So, where do I put the boot image, how do I get the boot image, and so on. Step by step anyone ? Cheers for any help, and sorry if I sound a bit angry but I am verrry frustrated
  13. Have you run X86conf ? type 'setup' in a shell and it should allow you to do all the settings changes, it may be that you hadn't configured XWindows to accept higher than 800x600.
  14. well... I'm a PC only kinda guy... none of that X-box, PS2 crap here
  15. Yeah I agree with this to an extent... I always got on well with my admins (actually, I set up a Linux web server for them ). But, tbh, schools are known for blocking the most stupid shit - email accounts, mine even blocked stuff like cplusplus, slashdot, w3schools and so on. Which was annoying, because I was trying to learn :growl: Also, when you're doing a school project where you need to research something on, say, music, it often helps to get an image/book review off Amazon and other such sites, yet schools almost always block this under 'e-commerce'. So, basically, make friends with your admins, you might learn something, and don't try to screw up their system. But if you need to access something which isn't malicious, then why the hell not? If you're not hurting anyone, feel free to do some bypassing.