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  1. How would I go about making a windows machine appear as a linux machine and vice versa on a network? This seems like an interesting way to deter attacks so I was curious if it would be possible.
  2. I see then. NM. Not much good if it can be uncovered easily.
  3. Anyone know of some good portable programing tools that can work off of a thumb drive? Perhaps some IDE? Any language will do.
  4. What is the minimum requirements for a smoothwall machine? What is the least I can get away with and still have good performance with the latest release? I looked on their website and it only mentions what types of processors it supports (unless I overlooked something).
  5. I have a copy of windows Vista and I can't find it's serial. I was wondering if there is a way to find out what serial goes with this copy? Like if there is a file on the disc that Vista checks to see if what you entered at the registration screen is legit. Or does it just check if it is a number that can be generated in a legit manner?
  6. I see. I remember them giving some folks trouble when XP was released. That and I am never super keen on calling tech support at most places. I finally found the key for this copy though. Thanks for the tool.
  7. I would think this could be done in maybe VMware or something of the sort, but I have very little experience with virtualization.
  8. Before I go trying to write something that does this. Is there any program that I can say "I want a list of all files in the Windows and Programs folders." and it will dump a list with maybe a few bits of info of each file? I would especially like one that does this across multiple computers so that I can keep an audit of my network.
  9. This does work in Ubuntu as well.
  10. I wish there was a portable version of the .net compilers. Anyone know a good one for Pascal? I will do that with the python install. I forgot it doesn't have any OS based dependencies.
  11. Ok I plan on having thumb drives that host a number of applications for various purposes. However, I would like a quick way of being able to tell what all I have on a particular drive (because I am forgetful as can be). Righting notes and wrapping them seems tacky and inconvenient. I haven't figured out a good way of labeling them either because of their size. How do you keep track? Especially if you have multiples of the same size and brand?
  12. I don't know what the technical term for this, but does anyone have any experience doing this or know of any links that talk about this? I have been wondering about this for a while and have been wanting to play with it.
  13. I have been having problems connecting to my wireless router due to the fact that I use WPA encryption. I have tried a couple of ways of trying to get it to connect with no luck. I have tired both of these methods and either I am not doing something right (more than likely) or something else is up. Any help would be much appreciated. As always.
  14. I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't suggesting that you had bad hardware; I was suggesting that you purchase a cheap adapter that already has clear documented steps to setting up WPA; opposed to looking around on forums all day. While, yes, it is a great learning experience, it can be arduous and quite time consuming. I see. Sorry for the mis communication, but this is one thing I think I could get a lot from figuring out. Besides if I don't get it figured out it will always bug me. Ok so now if I put in a static IP it will say that it connects, but at 0% connectivity.......riiiiiight. I am gonna play with this some for and double check my hardware settings. *Update* One thing I noticed is although in Linux it would cause the wireless led light to kick on no matter what. I tried connecting again after switching once and it would connect with about 43%, however now it will not allow me to connect to the net. When I run ifconfig in the terminal it shows an error. Is there a way of finding out a little more info on whats going on? I mean I guess I could try and do a packet capture and see what that shows, but I was wondering if there is any builtin tools that might tell me about the same or more?
  15. This worked well but, now when I try and connect to my router it fails to acquire an ip. It always fails on that step.
  16. Well from what I can tell is that it is not a hardware issue. Well thats the thing I can connect when the router is setup for WEP. So it isn't a hardware issue. They don't put the options for connecting to a WPA encrypted router in the connection manager, but the support does seem to be there. It's implementation just seems to be buried.
  17. The main reasons for starting out with python are as such: Less syntax learning curve Code blocks are generally only separated by indention It is a high level language ( ) It emphasizes readability It is used in normal programming as well as web development The interpreter that it comes with acts similar to a shell so you can pump code into it and get it back on the fly, which is nice for testing things out
  18. I would say Basic, C, C#, or Python. I tried learning C++ first and it kicked my ass. C# is actually really easy to pick up. Actually, I know it sounds cheesy and a little embarrassing, but C# for kids and VB for Kids are actually good things to read if you start with those languages. Mainly because they make it easy to visualize the different concepts in the languages. That plus any of the other .net learning resources are good if you want to pick up one of the .net languages. As far as python some good resources are actually linked to on the site.
  19. Anyone here messed with em? I saw that they sell them at work and I was curious if anyone here has bought/setup/used any? Also I was curious if anyone can recommend a wireless set that uses encryption and that can be easily accessed from any computer on a given network?
  20. The problem is that the area I live in goes through one extreme to the other rather quickly. I will probably need something a bit more rugged. I might buy one of the ones m3747r0n mentioned just because from what I have looked up on it so far it looks like it would be real fun to play with.
  21. Do they sell a version that is weather proof? I would like to stick some outside the doors of the house.
  22. Well I just ordered a laptop which will arrive tomorrow and I was wondering what kind of wireless cards would be worth getting? Want kind of features and exploits are capable by the most common cards etc.
  23. Well I started playing with the laptop today and found an interesting surprise....the built in atheros :voteyes:
  24. Yeah my router is G so I was definitely going to get a card that handles B/G. I was going to do a dual boot system, but probably not until I get a larger hard drive put in it. There is apparently a way to do packet injection via windows, but I haven't sat down and read the info yet. I will look through it in more detail later this evening. For those interested - >
  25. I agree. I think the current setup is fine. My only problem is with bandwidth that individuals pay for and the lack of basic, free, low bandwidth access to all individuals.