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  1. I see then. NM. Not much good if it can be uncovered easily.
  2. How would I go about making a windows machine appear as a linux machine and vice versa on a network? This seems like an interesting way to deter attacks so I was curious if it would be possible.
  3. What is the minimum requirements for a smoothwall machine? What is the least I can get away with and still have good performance with the latest release? I looked on their website and it only mentions what types of processors it supports (unless I overlooked something).
  4. I see. I remember them giving some folks trouble when XP was released. That and I am never super keen on calling tech support at most places. I finally found the key for this copy though. Thanks for the tool.
  5. I have a copy of windows Vista and I can't find it's serial. I was wondering if there is a way to find out what serial goes with this copy? Like if there is a file on the disc that Vista checks to see if what you entered at the registration screen is legit. Or does it just check if it is a number that can be generated in a legit manner?
  6. I would think this could be done in maybe VMware or something of the sort, but I have very little experience with virtualization.
  7. Before I go trying to write something that does this. Is there any program that I can say "I want a list of all files in the Windows and Programs folders." and it will dump a list with maybe a few bits of info of each file? I would especially like one that does this across multiple computers so that I can keep an audit of my network.
  8. This does work in Ubuntu as well.
  9. I wish there was a portable version of the .net compilers. Anyone know a good one for Pascal? I will do that with the python install. I forgot it doesn't have any OS based dependencies.
  10. Anyone know of some good portable programing tools that can work off of a thumb drive? Perhaps some IDE? Any language will do.
  11. Ok I plan on having thumb drives that host a number of applications for various purposes. However, I would like a quick way of being able to tell what all I have on a particular drive (because I am forgetful as can be). Righting notes and wrapping them seems tacky and inconvenient. I haven't figured out a good way of labeling them either because of their size. How do you keep track? Especially if you have multiples of the same size and brand?
  12. I don't know what the technical term for this, but does anyone have any experience doing this or know of any links that talk about this? I have been wondering about this for a while and have been wanting to play with it.
  13. I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't suggesting that you had bad hardware; I was suggesting that you purchase a cheap adapter that already has clear documented steps to setting up WPA; opposed to looking around on forums all day. While, yes, it is a great learning experience, it can be arduous and quite time consuming. I see. Sorry for the mis communication, but this is one thing I think I could get a lot from figuring out. Besides if I don't get it figured out it will always bug me. Ok so now if I put in a static IP it will say that it connects, but at 0% connectivity.......riiiiiight. I am gonna play with this some for and double check my hardware settings. *Update* One thing I noticed is although in Linux it would cause the wireless led light to kick on no matter what. I tried connecting again after switching once and it would connect with about 43%, however now it will not allow me to connect to the net. When I run ifconfig in the terminal it shows an error. Is there a way of finding out a little more info on whats going on? I mean I guess I could try and do a packet capture and see what that shows, but I was wondering if there is any builtin tools that might tell me about the same or more?
  14. This worked well but, now when I try and connect to my router it fails to acquire an ip. It always fails on that step.
  15. Well from what I can tell is that it is not a hardware issue. Well thats the thing I can connect when the router is setup for WEP. So it isn't a hardware issue. They don't put the options for connecting to a WPA encrypted router in the connection manager, but the support does seem to be there. It's implementation just seems to be buried.