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  1. ALSO: lay off the meth for a few days. they say it doesnt work, but trust me.
  2. Happy Birthday

  3. i hate composition class. could one of you guys who work in a field dealing with CNS or ISS help me out and answer a few questions? its for a lame homework assignment. it would be much appreciated. 1. what are your routine activities at your profession? 2. what skills do you need to accomplish those activities successfully? 3. what do you believe is your best preparation for success?
  4. its called, pot. and it makes you not care about things.
  5. im going to ITT right now for my associates in CNS and bachelors in ISS. our instructor told my (gay ass) composition class to find someone who works in the field of CNS/ISS and ask them the following questions: 1. list 3 ways you use writing in your job. 2. what is your biggest challenge in your job? 3. what is the biggest reward in your job? could someone be a dear and maybe answer these questions, so as i can get good grades n such? it would be very appreciated.
  6. my advice: stop trying to hack your school and learn to spell from it.
  7. if you have a fairly good computer you can host your own. Xerver is a sorta noobish server if you wanna get started. thats what i use.
  9. dudes, quit hatin on the wolfman. he's doin his thing. dont hate, participate.
  10. is two domains one apache install anything like 2girls1cup? cuz if so, i dont even wanna read about this shit.
  11. im just gonna go to best buy n get a USB card for it. its no big.
  12. IP ADDRESSES IZ WORTH DA MOOONIES111111!!!1!11!1!!!1!!!!!! I NEEDZ CRACK!!!!1!1!1!!111!!!!!!11!!!!1111!!!!!!1!!11111111111111111111111 no, its just id been running the server off my laptop, and someone gave me this computer, so now im gonna run it on it, but first i have to buy a wireless card for it, and my cash flow is low right now, but in a couple weeks my server will be up again. just a-harvestin away at your IPs.
  13. no. its my site, but it's down right now. im trying to get it back up though.