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  1. Also pick up the book "Hacking The Xbox" by bunnie(andrew s. huang) get it from amazon, check out his blog aswell
  2. well ive been using linux for 6 years and i still consider myself a noob. Some cool things you can do are setup a mythtv box as your media pc, or turn a trashpicked computer into a router, or make a digital picture frame (more of a hardware project),, If you do one thing i would recommend a dns and lamp server at your house. Its total nerd points when a friend comes over, connects to your network and you get to say "just download it from the intranet." Hmm I fail to understand what level were playing at, when you say "using Linux" do you mean from a users perspective or a hackers perspective? looking from a users perspective, I don't believe you can label users noob, as their intentions are different in the sense that they are trying to use the system productively and couldn't really care less about what's under hood, I say from the time you can do what you used to do in your previous OS(windows etc.) in Linux then your OK as far as using the system goes. I also see nothing wrong with using windows as there are alot of things you can do in it nowadays, i've currently switched my setup around from running archlinux as host and windows as guest in vmware to running windows as host and arch Linux in vmware, if you love low level coding then try win32asm, or even reverse engineering. Also LFS(Linux from scratch) sounds wonderful and fun; it will deepen knowledge of how linux works on a whole, give it a try, you won't be disappointed
  3. I bought the first edition just before the second came out, its ok, i've only browsed through it a bit and it seems ok. I've also got the Shellcoders Handbook 2nd edition, its pretty nice was expecting something less thick but i guess its ok like that. To be honest i haven't had time to sit down and go through the books as i've been very busy with exams; but i'll still recommend both.
  4. Reverse Engineering indeed, i've been away from this field from some time and plan to get back into later on, luckily for you i still have some of the sites and forums i used to frequent. At one point or another you'll want to learn assembly You'll want to start on this thread...<a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Reverse Engineering is pretty much hands on, so be ready to read and experiment alot when you want to play around on your own go here for some legally crackable programs
  5. Did you try wikipedia...
  6. You should also refrain from abbreviations such as, "IM" and "SP". Spelling and instant messaging. I had to post that to bug the hell out of you. err...i used those deliberately(sp?) *looks left, looks right*
  7. I really didn't feel like replying but hey; anything to up my post count 1) you should post and live in the newbie forum for a while untill you starting "getting" things, plus newbie section is flame free 2) you'll learn this down the line, so i thought i'll tell you know ... google is your friend also please refrain from using im abrieviations(sp?) such as "plz", this is a forum you have a lot of time to think before you post so please use that time. just helping you, everybody here needed to learn forum etiquette at some point. Ofcourse you could ignore my advice and continue the way you are, it's all up to you. "Freedom" you like it?
  8. If you love python, you'll love this python quick reference
  9. yeah i'll be writing a small tool in python, and i'm just in the planning stage(pen and paper) and just listing things that i'll need to know. thanks jabzor for your input
  10. I think it's time for me to dabble with regular expressions, i've found some guides but i'm just wondering if anybody has any that they would recommend above others.
  11. heh I read that, that took some iptables is very informative; you might also want to look into apf(Advanced Policy Firewall)
  12. Lets not forget...
  13. Viruses are pretty much dead, the black hatters and script kiddies are focusing their attention on malware and botnets get with the times.
  14. Debian etch - on my laptop arch linux - vmware - this is my pen test box/trash box/experiment box/root this box box ... er it's just my playground ok? windows xp - the family comp in the living room, play Enemy Territory on that
  15.'re from the london area? same here...although i live close to the meetings(20mins bus) i don't attend but have a good time.